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I don’t want to freak anyone (Gator) out, but…

The clock is ticking for the Tampa Bay Lightning to sign star center Steven Stamkos before he becomes a real option for the 29 other clubs.

General Manager Steve Yzerman has until 12 p.m. ET on Friday to sign Stamkos or else he will become a restricted free agent and, therefore, be open to signing an offer sheet from any other team.

If Stamkos were to sign an offer sheet after noon ET Friday, the Lightning would have seven days to match it or risk losing him. [NHL.com]

This can’t happen because it will disrupt the life plan that we have mapped out.  Gator’s parents would have to move somewhere more useful than Florida.  Unless he became a Capital, of course, which would result in pandemonium and Gator being “observed” by the State of Virginia.

So we wait.  I am not really worried that TB and Stevie Y will let go of their phenom franchise player.  Stammer will get loads of money and Gator can put in two pool slides at their house so she’s ready when I visit.  Right?  Still, it makes my stomach hurt.  Oh July 1, you are such a bitch.

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  1. Lindsay Reply

    Tomorrow is Canada Day. And rather than celebrating being Canadian by drinking my face off, I’ll be glued to my iPhone and computer in rural BC, desperately following the UFA dealings. And drinking. Really, it’s the only way to get through it.

    It’s going to be the most bi-polar day of my life – likely weeping into a drink if (when?) Talbot is traded, and hopefully rejoicing if the Hawks sign someone awesome (Richards? Kidding!). Nothing like celebrating my country’s 144th birthday than with Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger and Twitter!

    • I’ll be drinking. With my phone handy.

      • Cassy Reply

        I’ll be waiting for Pants to email me on developments, saying goodbye to my classmates, ordering my Grad sweater, eating food at last class, going online to book my flights to the US (Pants, Chuck, what works for you), working on my job applications, finishing work then collapsing in shock/ecstatic joy at the Stammer news!

        If I haven’t done so from sheer exhaustion already, that is.