‘Tis the Season

I can live with ugly sweaters if the Christmas season continues to yield embarrassing team holiday videos. We’ve already seen the Habs belting out Elsa’s theme. Here’s a look at the rest… The Penguins have already found the perfect off-ice role for Pascal Dupuis: Team Dad. It would explain a lot about how attractive this […]

Playoff Predictions: Beasts of the East

It’s here! The NHL Playoffs!  Our lives are on hold until further notice. Welcome to our annual playoff predictions, where Chuck selects teams based on actual hockey things and Pants make wishes on shiny pennies. (note from Pants: Amazingly, we have about the same track record. Maybe I learn things through texting with her.) Eastern Conference Canadiens […]

Foxy Friday: Peter Regin

We are only two weeks into the hockey season and I’m already exhausted.  I’ve also made at least two jokes about not knowing the Ottawa Senators.  Both true. So this week, we bring you learning. Foxy Friday: Peter Regin Peter is a 26-year old center from Herning, Denmark.  He’s got an old-school Zack Morris thing […]

Awkward Family Photos

Roster photos are like a walk through a mine field.  Never have so many attractive guys looked like they were kidnapped, stuffed in a trunk and taken to a Walmart Portrait Studio. Remember that one parent with the plastic comb that “fixed” everyone’s hair on school picture day?  That parent was absent from the Penguins […]

Foxy Friday: The Future

With the NHL lockout looming over us like that creepy guy at work always looking over your shoulder at your computer, we’re starting to worry. A large part of our anxiety is that if the NHL does lockout, we will be denied a new shiny batch of Foxy Fridays to choose from.  And that is […]

Principal's Office

It’s getting hot in here, and Brendan Shanahan’s phone was ringing off the hook yesterday.  Three players face disciplinary hearings for offenses committed during Saturday’s run of show… 1. Carl Hagelin Former Foxy Friday and Ryan Gosling stun- double Carl Hagelin is not known for throwing elbows and getting dirrrty.  But the playoffs make people […]

Kilroy Was Here

There is no accounting for taste in our household. Traitors abound. Mr. Cherrie is a hard-core Buffalo fan.  But when I went to consult my bookie, I mean my oracle- the great swami Osiris Jones, man about town and counselor at law, when he’s not picking NHL play-off games for cat treats, much to my horror this is what […]

Because It's The Cup Campaign

So when this campaign started the feedback was terrible so they adjusted it STAT because it was like the MasterCard ad, the Hockey Discover Card and “I Just Want My Pants Back” had a drunken three way, someone got pregnant and no one wanted to take responsibility for the monster that came of it. Hockey fans will […]

Honorable Mentions That Don't Get Mentions

Erik Karlsson is on fire and not mentioned – AT ALL – here. I have been loving him for some time now that the Captials season has been in the crapper with Dale Hunter Hockey. It gave me a chance to watch some other teams I may not have noticed.  Ottawa was not supposed to […]

Oh No, Not The Face!

So of all the hockey channels I do get, I don’t get the NHL. I KNOW! So when the CBC switched over to the second coming of St. Sid and the Penns at 4:38 against Ottawa, I told Mr. Cherrie to get his half rack out because we have a new drinking game. Every time some one mentions […]

Something's 'Fishy' About This Trade.

Mike Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville today! Did you think that’s strange since he’s married to Carrie-Fisher (NOT PRINCESS LEIA)-UNDERWOOD of American Idol fame? She of many many Grammy’s fame and CWA fame and basically all-around cutie-patutie-talent-pie. Not that she didn’t land herself a hot hunk of hockey man meat. Jealously all-around please. When they married and […]

Mikey Monday!

  So I got left alone in the WUYS offices today while Pants and Chuck run amuck on the East Coast! I got left with cold coffee, stale do-nots and a post-it note from Pants saying “MM please”. I am assuming that means I’m left with Mikey Monday. God knows he didn’t do anything last night in […]

Class Act – A Senator – Not Our Politicians

Fist off, I can’t believe I’m writing about the Penguins. Secondly, yes, this is a few days late but between an emergency vet visit on Christmas Day, (Moe ate curling ribbon – still waiting for it to come out the other end – oh joy!) the food coma I’ve been in and the pants I’m stuck in […]