Something's 'Fishy' About This Trade.

going to Nashville kids!

Mike Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville today! Did you think that’s strange since he’s married to Carrie-Fisher (NOT PRINCESS LEIA)-UNDERWOOD of American Idol fame? She of many many Grammy’s fame and CWA fame and basically all-around cutie-patutie-talent-pie.

totes adorable together

Not that she didn’t land herself a hot hunk of hockey man meat. Jealously all-around please. When they married and she initially moved to Ottawa without batting one of those gorgeous eye lashes, I told Mr. Cherrie which surprised him, “I’d have moved to the arctic circle and live in a tent if that was what was keeping me warm at night.” But does Mike Fisher get tired of these kind of head lines from the Tennessean: “PREDATORS ACQUIRE CARRIE FISHER’S HUSBAND?” This will be his home newspaper. Will he be the Rodney Dangerfield of Nashville now? Will he care since he goes home to Carrie Underwood?

mike fisher of nashville?

So when Hilary Duff found out about the trade this morning, not wanting to be upstaged, she immediately told Mike to buy the Penguins and move them to Beverly Hills. She told him that when these details are finalized, they will be the Beverly Hills Penguins and their colors will be bubble gum pink with bedazzled sparkles and the mascot’s name will be Balthazar-Cadet-8-track the III. When Mike tried to explain that LA already had a hockey team, Hilary stared blankly at him. It was the first time in the marriage she was speechless. Mike had his moment of zen.

Balthazar-Cadet-8-Track the III

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  1. “…their colors will be bubble gum pink with bedazzled sparkles”

    I just laughed for 10 minutes straight.