Kilroy Was Here

There is no accounting for taste in our household. Traitors abound. Mr. Cherrie is a hard-core Buffalo fan.

 But when I went to consult my bookie, I mean my oracle- the great swami Osiris Jones, man about town and counselor at law, when he’s not picking NHL play-off games for cat treats, much to my horror this is what I found!

Whut can I saz, I heart king henry

When I told him there’d be no more treats for this treacherous betrayal –

But i'm no foo eder

His brothers are much smarter and helped with the sign making for tomorrows big trek across the border. With Doughty getting so much ice time I am sure to get my money’s worth so look for this sign in the sea of blue and green: 

yes mom, I am 12 years old ...and I can make a sign like one too!

I’m hoping to get some exclusive shots for the blog if Mr. Gates doesn’t make me stay after school for extra credit. I am also hoping for another game like last night!

Wow - for me? Awesome .... A hatrick for you then!

 But what I really wanted to know was – who would end up in the Stanley Cup finals? So Swami Osiris Jones drug under the couch cushions, licked his butt a few times and gave me two answers – you decide from reading my posts which one is real and which one is for more cat treats … 

Swami Jones has spoken ... and it shall come to pass that these two hot horses will play each other in the finals ...

or this: 

Pst ...I hear Dawn's picked us for the finals ...
Of course she did, I'm reliable and I always come through even though she's saying it's her 'cat' and she hates Pittsburgh

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  1. You know your cat can read, right? And has wireless?

    Have a great time on your trip and please be careful. The border guards took one look at my “I Love Canadian Boys” bumper sticker and had themselves a laughing fit. Maybe because my dad was driving at the time. (True story.)

    Say “Cheeseburger!” to Drew for us!

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      Not only can he read and has wireless, he ordered me a whole Pittsburg Penguins sweat outfit! I was shocked I tell you when it showed up on my doorstep! Shocked & outraged – since he also charged it to my credit card. But I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I’ve been wearing it. 😉

  2. MelTing Reply

    Cats, hockey and DD? Plus Karlsson, Letang and Eddie? Yowza.
    I take it you have a passport now? Well, enjoy the game, and hopefully you won’t have the two hour border wait I had last weekend. And hopefully, TBG won’t get any more facial injuries. Although I didn’t hear any cries of “Not the face!” during game one , but maybe you can’t yell that loud?

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      I did gasp on Wednesday at that first hit out of the gate thinking – Holy Shit – if he get’s hurt and doesn’t play I’m going to be steaming mad! LOL! But all is good. Got the passport, my DD shirt on at work and full steam ahead! 😉

  3. As euphoric as it would be to see the Penguins and the Canucks go head to head in the Stanley Cup Finals, I’m pretty sure it would create the biggest amount of inner turmoil I’ve ever experienced in my life. I love them almost equally. Not gonna stop me from rooting for both of them fervently though!

    • MelTing Reply

      Gasp! Another Canucks fan on this blog? I’m so happy to hear this, but right now, chances of that particular SCF are not looking real good.

      • Agreed, they are not…. no happy times over here. That’s for sure. Although I can applaud a Giroux hattie.

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