More Puppies, Please.

Another day of hockey players and rescue pets? Tuesday, I’ve never liked you so much.

Last year I had the Caps calendar, and it could be a front runner again this year.  Or I’ll get them all and do a wall display (and no work)!


Remember when Alzer’s dogs ate his whole apartment?

You need a close up, I know.


I will not fancat.

What’s more perfect: tag team puppy kisses or Mike Green’s hair?  Be honest – it’s the hair. Sorry puppies! You are a close second. Meanwhile that cat is praying for strength.

Not to be missed: Tom Wilson’s hair and general Tom Wilson-ness.


Loves long walks in the park.

The dog’s saying, “Are you seeing this?  Is everyone looking?  His hand is on my knee.  I’m gonna faint.”

If only two puppies were enough to occupy John Carlson while someone runs by with a Flowbee.  Perhaps a quick trip to the groomer?


Chuck, I’ve been waiting for you all night by this fence.

The best part: today is Giving Tuesday, and 100% of proceeds from the Caps calendar go to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue!  Get yours here for $20, or tell me and I’ll buy you one at the game tonight.

The Bruins also know where it’s at, releasing their 2015 Pucks & Pups Calendar.  This behind-the-scenes video is heavy on the cute.


I hate being a foregone conclusion.

If I have one objection, it’s that the Bruins calendar does not appear to feature a single Boston Terrier.  None.  The cutest dog on Earth shares your city’s namesake (and that of it’s greatest educational institution), but you’re saying none of your players want to hug one?  Inconceivable.

Chuck, make a call.


I’m going to call this puppy “Mullett.”

The Bruins calendar benefits a host of charities, and you can get it for $20 at

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  1. Why does John Carlson look like John Cougar Mellencamp in that photo?
    His hair…I can’t.

    No Boston Terriers? Not a one? Someone in PR/Marketing clearly dropped the ball. Next year, we available for calendar consultations.

    Adam McQuaid + teeny puppy…I am unprepared for the cuteness. But welcome it none the less.

  2. Tom Wilson Dog is one lucky dog. Get it, girl. We’d react the same way.

  3. Kate Reply

    I don’t know if it’s the hair or the accessories or the white shirt but John Carlson is giving off a 98 Degrees vibe.