Camp Biosteel: Day 1

I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think a safe-for-work way to describe this. The best I could do is a photo play-by-play of me, earlier today.  Enjoy. Someone posts that a Camp Biosteel video is up: The video opens with Steven Stamkos doing something so extraordinary that it can only be described […]

Paging Intern Jeff Skinner

Where is Intern Jeff Skinner right now?  At Biosteel Camp slacking off when he should be forwarding our collective resume for this job? Talented, witty, personable with a communications degree… sounds like some people around here.  (I left off the part about the criminal background check, which probably include a Google search and then ZIP, […]

Intern Desk: Pay Day

Intern Jeff Skinner here.  Jeez, I thought it was tough to get a word in during the regular season.  If Landeskog could keep his shirt on, maybe we’d have some bandwidth left!  Ahem, as I was trying to say… I signed a $34.35 million, 6-year contract. Not that anybody cares, because Crosby is doing something […]

Birthday Boy: Intern Jeff Skinner

Break out the Mexicolas and sprinkles… It’s Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday!! Jeff turns 20 today, so he’ll be doing… exactly what he does every other day.  Drinking a gallon of milk, giving up his seat on the Metro and buying Girl Scout cookies.  Sorry Skinns, we can Party in the USA next year. Oh heck, […]

This is Not My Fault

Before you scroll down, I’m just going to say three things: 1) Fair warning. 2) You can all stop sending me these photos now. 3) Intern Jeff Skinner can lift a LOT of office supplies. I mean STOP IT.  I tried to resist posting these, but at least three people emailed me and this is […]

Injury Island

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys Injury Island.  At this point it would be easier to list NHL players who are not hurt, but we don’t want to jinx anyone.  There are still two-thirds of the season left to play. Sidney Crosby is out again with concussion-like symptoms.  He passed the ImPACT test but […]

Independent Study

I went to look for this video and I typed “Intern Jeff Skinner” into Google. Hahahahaha. Well Intern Jeff Skinner set his dimples to stun on Saturday night and had 3 points against the Penguins.  If I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.  He scored a scrappy little backhand lifter, then served up a pass […]

Foxy Friday: 11.11.11

That is, Happy Jordan Staal Day everyone! You may insert your own favorite #11, from this list of all active players wearing today’s lucky number: There’s a legitimate campaign around WUYS to make it Zach Boychuck day, but we told Intern Jeff Skinner he can’t vote for his own roommate .  Especially when said roommate gives […]

Intern Desk: Win a Date

Intern Jeff Skinner here, announcing an Independent Study that I’m taking as part of my job with WUYS.  Why not do more work, eh?  It’s not like they pay me.  My objective (as clearly stated in my WUYS Thesis Outline) is to get Pants and Gator to come to Raleigh to see me.  I went […]

Intern Desk: Dear Diary

A bunch of you sent us this link and I’m so sorry that I’m slow in posting.  I was laugh-crying so hard I couldn’t type. Some gems from this fantastic game show: Most Uncomfortable: Intern Jeff Skinner’s “short shifts” apparently translate off the ice.  Is he old enough to be making these jokes? Best Admission […]

NHL Media Tour Reception

It’s obviously a tough time for everyone in the wake of the KHL plane crash, and I think did a nice job of highlighting last night’s Media Tour reception with a really toned-down video [link].  Kudos to them. There are quick shots of Kaner, Ovi, Shane Doan, Squishy, Corey Perry, Logan Couture (short hair!) […]

Blackhawks Weekend

This weekend’s breaking news: Jonathan Toews brought a girl to a baseball game.  Even the Chicago sports announcers were fangirling. In a related story, it wasn’t us. We’re not going to post photos of Jon’s date – let’s not be those girls.  Plus Intern Jeff Skinner reads this blog and we’re not sure he can […]

Worry Warts Invade WUYS HQ. Solution: Your Magical Mojo.

Habs beat the Bruins last night to force a game 7…tonight. Pens face-off against the Lightning in game 7…tonight. Needless to say this is a very stressful day in the WUYS office.  Not even a breakfast of warm toasty bagels and whipped cream cheese courtesy of Intern Jeff Skinner could make us feel better. We’re […]