Foxy Friday: 11.11.11

That is, Happy Jordan Staal Day everyone!

You may insert your own favorite #11, from this list of all active players wearing today’s lucky number:

There’s a legitimate campaign around WUYS to make it Zach Boychuck day, but we told Intern Jeff Skinner he can’t vote for his own roommate .  Especially when said roommate gives away all his secrets on Twitter.

Plus if you don’t pick Jordan, he’ll be pretty sad.  Don’t make Jordan sad (he’s already got the pretty locked up).

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  1. Maura Reply

    My vote is that we make every day with an “11” in it Staalsy day, simply because he’s worth it.

  2. I unintentionally wore my Staal shirt today! Needless to say, it’s been a pretty good day.

  3. Cassy Reply

    He’s just sooooo Jordan.

    Enough said.

    Can we recruit Zachary to record what IJS is saying in his sleep? I am concerned that confidential office information, like how to tie a Windsor is getting out into the public domain. Either that or IJS is only allowed to sleep at one of our paces for “security” reasons.

    I said security. I am not a dirty old woman!

    Oh, ok then, just less of the old 😉

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