Worry Warts Invade WUYS HQ. Solution: Your Magical Mojo.

Habs beat the Bruins last night to force a game 7…tonight.

Pens face-off against the Lightning in game 7…tonight.


Needless to say this is a very stressful day in the WUYS office.  Not even a breakfast of warm toasty bagels and whipped cream cheese courtesy of Intern Jeff Skinner could make us feel better.

Intern of the Year.

We’re worried.

Worried that tonight, two of our beloved teams will be eliminated from the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion.  I, for one, don’t know if my heart can handle it.  I don’t want it to be like 2010…or 2009 again for the Bruins.

And Pants – who knows what she’ll do if she can’t see this anymore…

We’re worried that our praise-filled posts will come to an end and that our fans will be deprived of all our awesomely funny and clever musings.

We’re worried that we’ll have to find another team on which to lavish our hockey love.  Frankly, we don’t want to.  We’re not ready to give up just yet.

Dawn is all up on us to cheer for the Capitals.  She tried to win us over by sending us photos of Ovechkin in his man thong.  Hun, it ain’t working.  Not to say that we won’t cheer for the Caps.  Eventually, we might (we do love Mikey) but we don’t even want to think about that just yet.

But like the good Red Sox fans we are, we believe.

And we need you to believe too!

So to all of our loyal readers out there, we are asking you to please send all your good vibes, positive thoughts, magical mojo to the Penguins and Bruins tonight as they strive to keep their Stanley Cup hopes alive.  Call your hockey prayer circle ASAP!

It’s time to rally ’round the family…with pockets full of goals!

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I have:
    Prayed to the hockey gods
    Will offer up a human sacrifice if anyone thinks it might help
    Be wearing a pens Tshirt and bruins pj bottoms to bed tonight
    Praying for all I am worth!!
    Will that help?!

  2. I checked WUYS today for an ounce of optimism and hope. Thank you. This is EXACTLY what I needed.