Valentines Day Moment of Zen

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  1. This is Cassy’s roommate.

    That thump you heard? Cassy passing out.

    The Bergy/Bruins thing is bad enough, but now another team?

    Please save me

  2. Alex Tanguay traveled with the Flames to Denver and will be a game time decision tonight. Holy fire drill, Batman. Anyway, maybe he would have played if Forsberg was playing and I could have had my dream reunion. Thanks for ruining everything, Peter!

  3. Danie Reply

    Dawn! You are absolutely going to hate me… I went shopping with a friend a couple weeks ago, and the mall was dead because of Bermuda Shorts Day. There was only one guy ahead of us in line… and guess who it was? I was standing behind Alex Tanguay!!! (I think he was buying a belt, but I was too focused on the fact that OMG IM STANDING BEHIND ALEX TANGUAY). He was wearing a skin tight blue underarmour shirt, and a black Nike Cap!!! He has very nice arms 8)
    I was far too shy to say hello, so I just stood there blushing. He has a very charming smile.
    Just thought I should let you know 🙂