Punching Penguins, Manwhiches & Barbie In A Box

Is it Sunday yet?

I’m calling this Sunday’s showdown of Penguins vs Capitals NBC’s Fistfest-o-Rama 2011. Because with the punchfest the Penguins are on, I suspect it will continue well into Sunday. And I for one, can’t wait! I am even hoping that Mike Milbury will drop Piere Macguire during the first intermission so we won’t have to listen to him babble on incessantly! This video goes back to December 2006! I pulled it for Cassy because Brooksy kicks some BUTT! But it’s a massive brawl!

My only hope is that Ovi will at least wait until the third period to get ejected because the last time he went out in the first two minutes NBC’s rating dropped faster than Hugh Hefner’s erection without Cialis. I only wonder, does dry humping Kris Letang count as a penalty? Because let’s all be honest here, WE’D ALL BE GUILTY and that’s worth two in the box for the thrill alone (that bucket of ice is there for a REASON) and there’d be a line out the door!

I am coming for you Kris

Another question I have, will the Penguins take their limited edition Barbie Sid out of the box and finally play him against the team that put him on the injured reserve in the first place? oohhhhhh …. chills. Will Cookie do Sid’s dirty work? If I were Steckle, I’d paint eyes on the back of my head just in case. And the Caps better play DJ King to be safe.

call me a barbie one more time ... and i'll, i'll tickle you with my finger

Maybe I’m making more of this than need be. Maybe absolutely nothing will happen. But I’m hoping SOMETHING, ANYTHING does. Because this is one of my favoritest match ups of the year.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    And Cassy thanks you for it MWAH! Now where’s my foxy Friday? 😀

    Any excuse for a half naked pic of LePretty huh? 😉 Much nicer than Ovi – just making a valid point!

    If the match is on at sensible o’clock then I’ll be watching… If only to lust over my darling Blue-Blue Eyes and Fidget! I may get handsy with them. They may need comforting.

    And if Sid can’t play, he’ll find a way to assert himself and get revenge on the Caps. You just wait and see…