Foxy (Almost) Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge

We really miss hockey, but it’s safe to say this off-season is going down in history.  Best ever?  Well, it’s not the worst and I’m not waiting for Friday.

The Ice Bucket Challenge began in July in support of ALS research.  Read more about it here and hire Frates & Quinn for more marketing campaigns.  The movement has raised over $4 million, up nearly +$3 million over this period last year.  Everyone is doing it:  Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer, even Chuck did it!  Now we joke around, but this is a great cause, funding important research.  If you’re able to donate, please visit

And if you’re going to start a trend, please let it involve most of the NHL in what amounts to a wet t-shirt contest.  (So you know – this took forever to compile.  I watched hours of videos.  It was grueling but I’m willing to work hard for you guys.)


Me: “No.  No way.  No way!”

Crosby Ice Bucket Challenge video. I first saw an Ice Bucket Challenge video on 8/7, when 87 accepted the dare on his birthday.  I wondered for a moment it was real, or if I’d woken up in a fanfic – A Connecticut Yankee in Sidney Crosby’s Driveway, maybe.


Now who needs a cold shower?

Since then, everywhere you look an NHL player is taking the plunge.  So here you have them, the very Best of the Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

The “This Looks Familiar”

Matt Duchene Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Does Sid’s video have two blue buckets, a shovel and a black SUV in the background?  Eagle-eyed Alison noticed this is the same spot.  Just two dudes, pouring water on themselves and videotaping it for the internet.

Matt could have at least brushed his hair for Sid’s party.


Matt woke up 4 minutes ago.

Bonus points to Matt for nominating country singer Thomas Rhett, one of my favorites (who was also nominated by Justin Moore – the singer, not my husband).

The Intern Project

We said Tavares should wear a tighter shirt – so we know Intern Jeff Skinner still reads this blog.  This t-shirt is left over from Jeff’s high school days, since we haven’t paid him for a day of work since then.  And white?!  What a flirt.  Remember when he didn’t want girls paying attention?


Team Tank Top

Lindsay informs me that ‘dude tank tops’ are very much the style in Canada.  I assume everyone there looks like an NHL player and so this has my full support.

Steven Stamkos Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Careful using your dog to up the ante here, Stammer.  You’re no slouch but he’s pretty freaking cute.

Let me tuck my chain into my tank top first.

Let me tuck my chain into my tank top first.

Taylor Hall Ice Bucket Challenge video.  #TeamHallsy starts his video off so seriously, you’d think he spent the summer doing Shakespeare in the Park.  It’s deceptively tall-seeming thespian work.

The world is mine oyster, Which I, with stick, shall open.

The world is mine oyster,
Which I, with stick, shall open.

Jordan Eberle Ice Bucket Challenge video. Uncceptable resolution for #TeamEbs.  He’s got to keep up with Taylor!  Zach Boychuck, get a new phone right this instant.  Adorable hair-fixing though, since Jordan knows we are watching.


Especially after this is Zack Boychuck’s video.  How is that fair?  His biceps are theatrically lit by the sun itself, giver of all life!


Also sporting the Official Boy Band Uniform is, of course, #TeamSchultzy.  Did they have a conference call about what to wear?  Or does matchy-matchiness come as naturally to them?


The “Dallas Stars Really Want to Be Your Favorite Team” 

Tyler Seguin never met a shirt he couldn’t take off.  Or something he couldn’t hit on.  I swear he just invited a charitable cause and a bucket of water back to his place, and don’t stop rolling that tape.


Jamie Benn’s Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Jamie would like to take this opportunity to remind you his hair is DEVASTATING and that he’s skinny now.  (Too skinny?  A little?)  Never mind that tattoo of a graveyard on his bicep – they needed a place to bury me anyway.


Benn-d and Snap

In case you don’t love Jamie, he Tweeted the “Girl in a Country Song” video.  This is everything that’s right with the world.

Also from the Stars, Rich Peverly apparently runs a daycare in the summer – and stuns them momentarily quiet with this challenge.  They are pretty sure their moms have said not to throw stuff.

The Other Birthday Boy

It’s a shame I’ll never see #TeamSam again, because I cannot add any more teams to my list nor can I stay up late enough to watch the Coyotes.  Sam Gagner did the Ice Bucket Challenge on his birthday, complete with a cake, a beard AND a white shirt. Presents for everyone.


The NSFMyLife

John Tavares Ice Bucket Challenge video.  There’s b-roll of John then his shirt off and jumping in the pool right?  That’ll be the deleted scene on the DVD?


Is this going to be on the test?

What I really can’t handle is his deep, teacher-y voice.  If he started talking about the Large Hadron Collider, I’d faint.

That Time Gabe Wore a Shirt

Gabriel Landeskog’s Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Perhaps the quaint, old-world and presumably Swedish setting calls for a top, but frankly we’re a bit disappointed in Gabe’s efforts to carry the shirtless-boat-selfie banner this summer. He gets named captain and suddenly it’s all business and no instructional pancake videos.


The US judges give this a 6.

He’s 21,  You Guys – I Swear

And that was not me at the end with the extra bucket of water.  Promise.


Guys Chuck Likes

The Bruins should hire Chuck to shoot their videos, because their Ice Bucket Challenges are astonishingly low-res.  Remember why you don’t watch hockey in standard def anymore?  Even dearest Patrice couldn’t get good production values:


Lucic is in focus – if that’s a good thing.  He looks like the unpopular kid at Camp Anawanna.  Stand up straight, man!


Kim Bauer Did It

Oh yeah, and her husband too.  The Phaneufs Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Alison loves these guys.  I just feel bad that 24 made Elisha get scared by a mountain lion and abducted by a loner in a bunker in the woods around LA.  Jack Bauer would disown that mess.


I think we’d all be friend with Elisha in real life.

The “Of Course Patrick Kane Has a Water Slide”

He probably has a slide from every single window of the house into that pool.  (This was a life plan action item for me and Gator.  Awaiting our invitations, Kaner.)  Toews is so much fun these days, where’s his bucket?


Coach Q is My Favorite Coach

Many coaches, front office staff and even mascots have gotten in on the Challenge, but Coach Q’s laugh is the best.


My Goalie is a Banana

What can I say?  I trust this man with my GAA.  They even gave the baby a bucket, in case she wanted to party.  Marc Andre Fleury Ice Bucket Challenge video


Just wait till you start dating, Baby Flower.  Dad is ready.

Which is Better than Mr. Potato Head

Oh Jordan, we miss you around the Penguins.


The Hot Dads

“Hey, if I’m doing this, we’re all doing it.  Then we’re going for ice cream.”

Chris Kunitz Ice Bucket Challenge video.  From the man who dressed as a sock monkey, of course.  Mrs. Kunitz challenged Paul Martin – thanks, girl.  (Paul Martin Ice Bucket Challenge video)


Little Miss Kunitz says she’ll just donate cash.

Pascal Dupuis Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Dear Universe, Please make the Dupuis Family into a TV show.  They’ve already created the poster:


No idea Duper had a half-sleeve, or that I’d like it so much.

Craig Adams Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Craig used a garbage can for his ice bucket and the family wore matching gubernatorial campaign shirts.  Just saying, that’s a Harvard man.  (The shirts are in honor of Anne’s father, former MA Governor Paul Cellucci, who died of ALS in 2013.  Thanks to Chuck and Anne for update.)


Vote early, vote often.

The Overachievers

Keith Yandle (who actually has a face under that beard) went pretty big – three buckets vs. white t-shirt.  His best move was calling out BizNasty, of course.  Talk about bigger.


You know Biz loves it when we say “bigger.”  He challenged some big names too, though we bet no one does it in their skivvies.  Read about Biz getting his friends to donate their time and money to put this together here.  And notice that TMZ covered a hockey player.

The Suits

Max Talbot Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Max is responsible now.  He has a wife and a baby and if he wants to pour ice water over his head in a suit and tie he will, damn it!  He’s like Frank the Tank, you can’t reign him in.


Business in the front, party in the shoes.

Robert Bortuzzo Ice Bucket Challenge video.  Borts, what is that tie?!  Is the inflatable duck to distract from the tie?  It’s not working.  Also the shades on the duck + the white button down – this is going Risky Business later, isn’t it?  We’re going to need the extended edition Blu-ray combo pack.


This yard wants to party, Project X-style.

Almost everyone’s done the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I couldn’t include or even get close to watching them all.  Notable exceptions are Gingeroux, newly married Mike Green (yeah right, on that hair?) and James Neal.  I worry this means Nealmobile really had no friends, because no one has challenged him.  Though he is on this pretty definitive list of players who’ve supposedly participated (here).  Did I miss his video somewhere?

While we wait, check out the Tumblr dedicated to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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    • Pants Reply

      We know! And we like it! Mostly I just like the fact Tanger takes selfies – lots of them. It’s surprising.

  1. THANK YOU, PANTS! This was well worth the wait and you did heroic work for us. Marty Biron has nominated Henrik Lundqvist and I am on edge waiting for that footage. Patrick Sharp has also been challenged, but video is nowhere to be found. Why hast the universe forsaken us? I’ll just watch the Stars’ videos over and over again.

  2. MB Reply

    I haven’t seen Neal do it, but of course Paul Martin challenged him to! My theory is that somehow he fears the effects of icy water on his awesome hair…Be brave, James. We want to see you dripping wet. Magnificent hair and all.

  3. Chavela Reply

    Love it. Awesome sport awesome guys. I have a cousin that has ALS and this truly warms my heart and love the sport and guys more

  4. Farah Reply

    “Tyler Seguin never met a shirt he couldn’t take off. Or something he couldn’t hit on. ”


  5. Angie Reply

    A++++ for putting this together! I can’t imagine how long it took to compile the videos. Funny captions as well!

    • jana Reply

      I’m no Pens fan, but I’m definitely now a fan of him. Yowza!

      • CJ Reply

        His entire IG is worth checking out. However, I must warn you – his selfie game is strong and not for the faint of heart. Er, I mean, he’s worth following due to his impressive speed and aggressive skating style.

    • Miabi Reply

      Son of a biscuit, that’s a gem! Thanks CJ. And thanks gals for this awesome gallery. Have yall seen Derek Stepan (in white), GingerStaal, and Dan “Those Eyes” Girardi together…. in a hot tub?? No jokes.

  6. Anne Reply

    The t-shirts worn by the Adams family honor Anne’s father, Gov. Paul Cellucci, who died last summer from complications of ALS.

  7. I never once watched the Hallsy video with sound. One look at those arms and I forgot I even had an option.

  8. I saw the Jeff Skinner one and have been waiting for this post ever since.

  9. Lundqvist finally caved after a bunch of us balked at him “merely” donating money.

  10. Rhiannon Reply

    Paul Martin challenged “The Real Deal James Neal” in his video and I had a lot of FEELINGS. This was a great roundup, thank you!

  11. Sid’s wet t-shirt; Jamie’s sex hair; John’s schoolteacher voice; Duper’s Brady Bunch montage….it’s all too much. Plus Steven proving that Canadian guys really do (tank tops) better? I LOVE YOU SUMMER.

    • Kate Reply

      You have said everything I was thinking.

  12. Deidra Reply

    Lmao @ Benn-d and Snap.
    As a Canadian living in Southern Ontario I can assure you not all guys look like hockey players here unfortunately 🙁

  13. eyetotelescope Reply

    Nathan MacKinnon’s video has the exact same backdrop as Duchene’s and Crosby’s too, so all those Canadian boys must be training/hanging out/swapping beauty tips with each other.

    Andrew Shaw challenged Jonathan Toews a few days ago but I still haven’t seen Tazer’s video. My life feels incredibly incomplete without it right now.

  14. Thank you for this very distracting and entertaining post. In the words of Fred Willard from A Mighty Wind: “I can’t do my work!”

  15. NY Girl Reply

    You ladies rock! But what? No Adam Henrique?! Now I’m p’od!

  16. Don’t diss the Duchene. He can’t help it — his hair just does that. ‘Splains why he usually plasters it down with gel a la Leonard Hoffstedder. (Or, as we like to say in Colorado, a la Superman.)

  17. And Nathan MacKinnon did it at the same time as Dutchy and Sid the Kid — just one big IBC party in the park.

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