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For all the athletes participating, it’s no surprise the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was covered on American SportsCenter this weekend.  What’s surprising is they included the Crosby video – almost the entire thing – even before they showed LeBron or Justin Timberlake!  Finally, it’s The World According to Pants.

So naturally, it was time James Neal did the challenge.  He’s a proud member of Team Tank Top – or, if you shop at Old Navy, Team “Tami” because that thing is so long I can’t tell where the shirt ends and his shorts start.

(I can’t help noticing this dock was dry when Melanie did the challenge.  Which probably means James made her go first. )

How does one dress to match a sleeve tattoo?  The answer: you don’t.  Of course James is wearing a hat – you knew he wasn’t going to give us anything that good.  And it’s not like any of his teammates went shirtless… oh wait.  James plays for the Predators now.

Rich Clune Ice Bucket Challenge


I always wondered what “apple bottom jeans” meant.

Neal’s going to have to stop up his game if he wants to get noticed in Nashville.  At least he doesn’t have to compete with soccer players:

(Thanks to Alison, our top futbol correspondent.)

PK Subban went for the hockey version of this look: jockstrap over the shorts.  The NHL’s Best Dressed Man strikes again.  It seems unfair that he, in turn, nominated the Worst Dressed: Phil Kessel.  We can only hope Phil has spent his summer reading our blog posts about John Tavares’ pants.


Meanwhile, Gary Roberts wants all these pretty boys to know he could kick their asses, make a kale smoothie, check his email and DVR American Ninja Warrior before they even got up off the floor.


I feel like Robs can see the bacon, egg & cheese I’m eating right now.  Bye internet.

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  1. Scarlett Reply

    Gary Roberts knows I don’t eat breakfast. HE KNOWS

  2. Gary Roberts. That is all. *bows in respect.*

    • Kate Reply

      Seriously. Scary Gary for the win.

  3. im_not_a_lizard Reply

    I am choosing to assume you haven’t watched Galchenyuk’s ice bucket challenge because that is a PSA in How To Make Money For Charity And Also Please Fangirls Everywhere and definitely deserves a post all of its own.