Ugly Sweater Weather

Let’s be honest. It’s time to retire the “ugly Christmas sweater” idea. The universe knows it, Santa knows it. My retinas certainly know it. But how can we be absolutely sure it’s time to kick a trend to the curb? The NHL has fully adopted it.   Whew. That’s what the hangover feels like after you’ve […]

Playoff Prognostications

Maybe our pre-season predictions weren’t perfect, but we’re hoping for more luck with these.  If we picked our own teams to advance it’s because we feel they can.  We know they will.  Nothing else is acceptable, RIGHT? Yet we remind ourselves, and you, these are the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  No team is safe.  Not even […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

So remember that time, way back in Dec. 2011 BL (Before Lockout) when the NHL proposed a realignment plan that never actually happened? Well, it’s deja vu all over again. In a detailed memo sent to League teams on Tuesday, the NHL again proposed a new realignment plan.  This new plan would see the League go […]

Remote Control

The NHL TV schedules are out [link], and I’m going to have to get the NHL Network this season.  They have too many games I can’t miss. NBC will air (potentially) seven Bruins games, six Penguins games, five Capitals and five Blachawks games, none before US Thanksgiving.  That’s not going to cut it for anyone without […]

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We at WUYS love St. Patrick’s Day for many reasons: beer, Irish accents, beer, Westlife, corned beef & cabbage, Boston, beer, kilts, Westlife.  We don’t really understand why the NHL loves St. Patrick’s Day so much, but we like it. Today you can save 17% at the NHL Shop, and you can save it on […]

Too Injured For All-Star Game But Not For Bowling?

Um…? The Penguins had their annual Pens and Pins Charity Bowling event on 1/17 and either Malkin and Crosby have been seeing a faith healer or something is rotten in Pittsburg. Not to taint my love for all things Letang because he is still smokin’ hot as evidenced above but for realsies? This is one of the many reasons I can’t […]

Hockey on Hulu

On vacation, sans Center Ice, I discovered that the NHL is now on Hulu! So if you’d rather watch outdated hockey games you know the ending of than Underworld for the 80th time, now you can: The content is a little outdated, but you can watch condensed games (known as highlights to the rest […]

I Am a Hockey Nerd Not a Comic Book Nerd – Sorry.

Ok – I’m going to apologize upfront here. I’ve never read a comic book – EVER.  Not once. And it took marrying Mr. Cherrie for me to discover the greatness of hockey and that is after many years of married bliss. Even when he first pointed out Ovi, I glanced up from reading my Glamour Magazine, […]

All-New All-Star Game

So it’s sixth grade and you’re in gym class, wearing itchy cotton/poly-blend elastic shorts and RecSpecs over your glasses.  You stand in the back, behind the awkwardly tall early-growth-spurt kids, hoping no one will notice you.  But they always do.  They always pick you last. It’s the reality of adolescence, the prepubescent torture made famous […]

It's Movember … and Props to the Washington Caps!

In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is getting behind ‘Movember’, a movement established to create additional awareness for men’s health – especially prostate cancer.  Their tagline is quite catchy : “Grow that Mo and SAVE A BRO!” So when you see your favorite player a little more hairy then usual, now you know why! […]

Marketing Hockey: Episode 1

Oh snap.  We are so ahead of the game!  Monday has come and gone, and today guess who’s featured on the homepage with a video highlight and a story?  WUYS poster boy Mike Green.  I’ll keep this short, since Dawn has to listen to me all day long. Mike launched a Facebook fan site.  […]

I Have a Question

Yes, I’m going THERE …AGAIN.  Here is a direct quote from for NHL guidelines with regards to player contact with fans. Following is an excerpt from the section that addressed “Contact with Fans”: “Under no circumstances are Club personnel — either players or non-players — permitted to have physical contact with fans, or enter, or attempt […]

You Make the Call

Last night against the Wild, Canuck Rick Rypien attacked a fan on his way to the locker room after getting a 10 minute major for his second fight. Personally, I think if you taunt a NHL player who has exhibited this kind of behavior, it’s like stabbing an angry tiger that’s just been stung by […]

Canada – Russians Do it Better – Sorry!

Again this week they put ValKat in the bottom two when they are by far and away the best skaters – which makes me think Canadian’s are Russian skater-haters! Seriously, I don’t think my blood pressure can take many more of these episodes. Patrice and Shae-Lynn had a far less difficult routine but scored the […]

Around the NHL News and more …

Ok, Pants can totally attest to the fact that I came up with this earlier and I’m not sharing my idea here but IN THE NEWS … the NHL is partnering with Stan Lee’s SLG Entertainment LLC to create new comic heroes modeled after each team in the league. I am only going to report […]

No ordinary Thursday…

Normally, when I wake up, I just roll out of bed and shuffle my way to the bathroom, bleary eyed and half asleep, with maybe a “good morning” grunt to my roommate. But today was different. When I woke up, I had extra pep in my step.  Sure it could have been that the sun […]

It just confirms everything I've ever believed about Canada

OK – so I’m sitting here watching the results show for BOTB II and as I noted there was no way Canadians were going to let the Russians win, but I didn’t think they were going to send them home TONIGHT! Good God! They had the highest score Sunday from the judges. Luckily, the judges […]