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Yes, I’m going THERE …AGAIN.  Here is a direct quote from for NHL guidelines with regards to player contact with fans.

Following is an excerpt from the section that addressed “Contact with Fans”:

“Under no circumstances are Club personnel — either players or non-players — permitted to have physical contact with fans, or enter, or attempt to enter the stands. Even where a fan is verbally abusive, intoxicated, or profane, Club personnel should either ignore the conduct or, where appropriate, seek the assistance of police or security personnel at the arena.

“Accordingly, please be on notice that all Club personnel (management, coaches, trainers, and/or players) who engage in any form of physical contact with fans, including the squirting of water, will, on a going forward basis, be subject to discipline in the form of a suspension.  The Club involved will also be subject to a fine.”

Now, Pants knows from various off-line chats we have, well, let’s just say I an active imagination and maybe some NSFW comments. But what if say Pants, or Chuck or I, were to lure one of our favorite players away before, during or after a game but still on-site would they still be fined for contact with a fan? Does this cover that kind of contact? What if it’s consensual? Because if I got that close to Ovi,  Miika, Brodeur or Fedorov, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this:

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  1. Dawn, only you would think of this. Only you would care. It’s early in the season – Ovi can sit a game or two. Plus, he’s killing my fantasy team.

    Speaking of Snookie, poor Toews. Watch this clip from the Much Music Awards. He cannot get far enough away from her on that couch and after she touches him he looks to be contemplating that decontamination shower from Alias.

    [The interview with Jon is cute, plus he thinks she’s retarded from the moment she sits down. FFWD to 4:19 for the touching.]