No ordinary Thursday…

Normally, when I wake up, I just roll out of bed and shuffle my way to the bathroom, bleary eyed and half asleep, with maybe a “good morning” grunt to my roommate.

But today was different.

When I woke up, I had extra pep in my step.  Sure it could have been that the sun was finally peeking out after 3 days of non stop misery and rain.  Or maybe it was the fact that the long weekend is almost here.  But nay, it was something less entirely! It was….


Today marks the first day of the 2010-2011 NHL Hockey season and I think that I can speak for my fellow WUYS that we are totes excited.  Totes MaGoats Excited!  We’re sort of like Buddy the Elf when he finds out that Santa is coming. SANTA!!!

This season of promise kicks off with three games today:

I think we all know where Pants will be for the Pens game.  If you live in the San Francisco area and hear screaming and screeching, don’t be alarmed.  Do not call the police.  It just because they showed a shirtless Sidney Crosby doing squats in his Reebok Zig sneakers.

Boston Bruins start their season on Saturday the first of two games versus the Phoenix Coyotes in lovely, historical Prague, but the first stop on their Eurotrip was Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Personally, I LOVE that the NHL is taking the game global, if for nothing else than more BOYCH MEETS WORLD episodes, feature B’s defenceman Johnny Boychuk, who might be the most adorable Edmonton, Albertonian EVER!  Plus I dig his last name.

This week’s episode
Boych Meets World: Belfast

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  1. SANTA! I KNNOW HIM! ::puts maple syrup on her spaghetti::

    Meanwhile, I have to WORK today at game time. But I’m DVR-ing it. And rocking my Pens shirt for 2 screenings tonight. Already gave a fist bump to a stranger in a Hawks shirt at lunch.

  2. Well lets be honest here…the season doesnt truly start until the heavy hitters in San Jose hit the ice

    • Chuck Reply

      As mentioned in our Cup Predictions post, I’m about ready to break up with Joe Thornton and the Sharks. So much promise in the regular season and then….*blleerrrrgh*