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Someone we know once posted this to Facebook:

Thanks, Paul C.

Safe to say that hashtag also applies to:

Biebs skated with the Leafs  [link] in a track suit because they didn’t have any Youth Medium hockey gear laying around.  Look at his pants – I bet they’re rolled at the waist too.  Phaneuf is all, “You said Disney princesses!  I brought my Ariel lunchbox to get signed!”  I don’t think JB’s huge diamond stud earrings would fit under a helmet.

In a totally unrelated story, look which ad is featured on today:

This triggered a chorus of “MissyouWhyPhiladelphiaagainSid’sdryerislonely” from my office.  And I haven’t even been watching 24/7!  But I’ll catch up now so as to not miss the triumphant return of Claude Giroux.  He wasn’t concussed, he was just saving up points.

Hahahahaha,, you so funny.

Gingeroux had 1 G/3A in the Flyers win over Dallas last night [link].  He missed 4 games and still holds the NHL lead in points scored with 43.  Alright fine, you kinda like him don’t you?  Gross.

As predicted,  Pens’ Deryk Engelland will have a hearing with Shanahan today over his hit on Marcus Kruger [link].  Kruger did not play last night as the Hawks piled up on the Habs.  Corey Crawford, who has been benched in favor of Ray Emery for the last 6 games, was pretty impressive in net for Chicago.  Also applause-worthy is Jonathan Toews tying Stamkos for the NHL goal-scoring lead (it was an empty net but we’ll take it!)

Love everything about this.

Colorado won their 7the straight home game [link], which would be really exciting if they hadn’t also lost their last 9 road games.  But now they’re at .500 and they have 3 home games left before the end of the year.  They could be pulling up into the top 8 in the West pretty quickly.

And if you’re still watching, the Hurricanes blew a 3-1 lead to Phoenix last night in a really hard loss.  They are 2-6-2 under their new coach and are last in the East with just 26 points.  Apparently the fact that I really like the Canes and that their mascot Stormy is “an anthropomorphic ice hog” (Wikipedia gem) doesn’t count for much these days.  I’ll keep writing letters to Santa and maybe he can give EStaal and the boys a break.


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  1. Jeebus, my brain hurts from all this news. Most jam-packed ever post! Love it.
    Pants, you should just avoid 24/7 all together. I mutter “MissyouWhyPhiladelphiaagainSid’sdryerislonely” everytime Max is on the TV. Which is a lot.

    • Haven’t watched it yet either… Huge possibility start hugging my laptop screen and repeating, “Why?”

  2. Ez Reply

    Too bad Tie “southpaw” Domi wasn’t in attendance to deliver an elbow to Beiber, “Niedermayer” style.

    3 games for Deryk = “Oh Noes!”

  3. I’m desperately trying to avoid developing an acute fondness for anyone on the Flyers or the Rangers, but Claude Giroux and Brandon Prust are really trying my patience.

    • What about Ryan Callahan and Brian Boyle? And Lundqvist? I don’t even find him attractive but he’s factually SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL. Ugh. Goddamn you HBO.

      • Carter Reply

        Lundqvist is like Patrick Sharp; you don’t even mention him because it’s assumed they’re at the top of the list.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Despite the orange, I still find MAX TALBOT so damned sexy. Damn you, you scruffy French Canadian with the grin, the scruff and those blue eyes….