We're Coming for You

It’s confirmed that Sidney Crosby will not ride the white zamboni onto the ice tonight for Game 7.  I needed to see this in writing before I gave up the hope.  That said, the Penguins are going to rock.  I am getting really excited to speed home from yet another work event in time for the puck drop.

Can I get a witness?

For inspiration, I invite you to enjoy Max and Flower guest-starring on a French-Canadian TV show called “Les Boys.”  I can’t understand what they’re saying, but I’m pretty sure they’re on a date when this goes down.

There’s also this.  It sums up how I feel about what’s going down in the ‘Burgh tonight.

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  1. Date Night!

    Be careful getting home tonight. Use your blinker.

  2. I didn’t find Max Talbot attractive in the slightest until I watched that video. I’m such a hooker for an accent.

  3. I’m going to run it out hard at the gym tonight after work, that way I’ll be too tired to flail about and break a lamp when the Pens win.