Max Talbot Saves the Day

Max Talbot will be the hero of this lockout. Flyer or not, we cannot live with him in this terrible time.

Hold on, I can’t stop laughing.

Max is one commercial away from being the Old Spice guy at this point.  Sexy as all get out, no shame and knows that women love a guy with a sense of humor.  Clearly his friends are in love with him – listen to them in the background.

You are powerless to resist.

Also, archery is hot.  Katniss and Brave aside, Disney’s Robin Hood with the foxes is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I even took archery lessons, and Max is good.  Really good.  The jug of water is close range but to hit something small and moving?  Maybe they did twenty takes, or just got really, really lucky.

Be honest, you’re thinking about getting really lucky too.

Shot through the heart.

Max doesn’t crack a smile in this or the one-finger push-up workout video.  Deadpan reaction shots kill me!  I’m crying/laughing while my brain sings “Every Thing I (I Do It For You).”  Thanks to Talbo for 52 seconds of forgetting the lockout.  When is Giroux going to make a guest-appearance in one of these gems?  Maybe they make plates at Color Me Mine or try gator wrestling?

For further lockout distraction homework, I suggest the BBC Robin Hood series from a few years back.  You will not be disappointed (and you can borrow my DVDs).  Just like real life –  where I should hate the Flyers bad guys by definition – I am so Team Gisbourne/Allan that it confuses and frightens me.

And there is archery.  See?  Happens every day.

Thanks to everyone who sent this to us – Melissa (@M_Gagermeier), Macy (@WestSideZag), Deb (@DLF1021) and Amanda (@amandalitty).  What are you guys, on Max’s mailing list?

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  1. Macy Reply

    My favorite part? Where he winks at the camera.

  2. Before I saw the video, I saw .GIFs. I seriously thought that they had superimposed Max’s face into scenes from The Hunger Games

  3. MouthGuard Reply

    Estie de tabarnacle, Superstar.

  4. Caitlin Reply

    If you like him as Gisborne, you should see Richard Armitage in North and South 🙂

    Also, when will we get Max’s footage of the summit camp with Sid, Gabe, etc?

    • Pants Reply

      Oh I’ve seen North & South. And you are absolutely correct. I’ve already pegged Mike Green as the Judd Nelson around here though – his hair. I need to see it without that hat!

  5. Caitlin Reply

    Oh, also, Max’s long hair is making him look more like Judd Nelson than ever

    • AAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!! Yes. Oh my god. Cannot unsee.

  6. jana Reply

    I want to be friends with Max. You just know that a night out with him would be hilarious. Just think of the shenanigans you’d get into!