Did I Just Dream This Into Being?

I am watching the All-Star Mad Skills competition and look up and lo-and-behold – THIS. Did I just fall in to an alternative reality? Did the universe just shift like in the original Star Trek and they go through a worm hole and Capt. Kirk finds out that the Blue Chick is super hot and Spock is really […]

HBO 24/7… We Wish

The only way to properly sum up the awesomeness of Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic is to treat you to the real-time Twitter conversation between me and Dawn last night.  Please note, I had to rewatch the entire show because I was giggling so much the first time. The Penguins watched the show as […]

File Under May-December Bromance…

And you thought it was all Nicklas Backstrom? Ovi has a sugar daddy and it’s Teddy Leonis! Check out his snuggle buddy/fest outside his DVD release last week. Looks like Nicky has some competition.  Alex talks about what to expect when watching his new DVD which is now available in stores EVERYWHERE (YES – I pre-ordered my […]

I totally bought these!

I couldn’t help myself because unlike Pants, I <3 sparkly, bright, shiny things – like a magpie – or better yet – like Mike Green to Mariah Carey. Plus the total bonus was they were discounted and no comment from the peanut gallery about the Ovi shirt! Puh-lease … There has been enough bashing today […]

le Foxy Friday – Max Talbot

Pants’ Turn! It’s 6:30 AM and I am doing Foxy Friday. Before I take a nap under my desk. Since Dawn Cherrie was so mean to Maxime Talbot last week, this week WUYS is giving him some love. So what if he called Ovi a “douche”? We were all thinking it! (Okay, okay, I’ll stop.) […]

And so it begins

Happy pre-season!  Nine games were played last night, many featuring younger and 3rd/4th line guys who hope to make the teams and become household names in two weeks.  A few highlights: – Alex Tanguay notched 2 assists and was named first star against Vancouver in mini-game, split-squad action.  Woot! – Ducks players who weren’t on […]

Penguins calling!

Every year, teams whore out their players to deliver season tickets for photo ops.  I wonder – how strongly do they vet these lucky recipients first?  Because I could totally act normal.  Then if Sid or Max (or Kris or Flower…) rang my doorbell, we would have a hostage situation.  Even in those shoes. Video […]

Crosby Brings it Home

Sidney Crosby continued his casual campaign for world dominance today by hitting a batting practice home run at PNC Park.   Sid, who could get arrested for indecency while wearing shorts, went yard on his second round of pitches.  Somebody get Theo on the phone – next time the Pens bow out in May, I expect […]

Sid's Dryer

Testing out a video post, as well as a post with more than a few lines of text.  I’m watching A Knight’s Tale, but it’s past the choreographed dancing scene so I supposed I could go to sleep.  After I try to de-bug this thing a little more…