Foxy Friday: #TeamGagner

Last time we put Foxy Friday up for popular vote, Sam Gagner stuffed the ballot box from ten Twitter accounts.  Or maybe you guys get jealous that we’re all #TeamEbs when we could be sharing the love.


The Oilers beat the Blue Jackets 6-4 last night.  Sam had 1 G/2A and his 250th NHL point, so it’s his turn today.


Remember that time Sam had an 8 point game?


And a shootout goal like this?

gagner goal

Sam is 23.  That’s like old man on the mountain in Edmonton, if Edmonton had mountains.  He has 90 G/161 A in six seasons with the Oilers.

Before that, Sam grew up 5 minutes from John Tavares and played junior hockey with Patrick Kane.  Why didn’t we live near places like this?  Baby Sam!  What is your tie?  And your hair is so almost-Eberle… stop it right now.


While hockey stats are about running numbers up, Sam is also adept at keeping things under 140 and still making you fall in love with him.




Especially photos:


That’s why we don’t live in Edmonton, right Sam?


But we could be persuaded to visit, say in November.


If that doesn’t work, he sure loves to pour water on himself for a less subtle approach.



As of today, Edmonton is tied for 11th in the West.  My prediction for them the make the playoffs has been duly noted.  I wish they played before my bedtime but I’m doing my best to watch more Western Conference hockey this season.


Rumors abound that the Oilers may trade Sam before he becomes an RFA at the end of the year [link].  He’s playing well enough to earn a big contract, but they’ve tied up tons of money locking in Ebs and Hall, with Nuge and Yakupov coming due before long.

Jeeeez, look at the Oilers’ roster – that’s a lot of expiring deals [link].


Sam’s true home is in The Hobbit alongside Danny Briere.  It’s the ears!!  They can replace the disconcertingly attractive dwarf as even more disconcertingly attractive guys in the 5’10” – 5’11” range.  Also, Sam has Bieber on his iPod.  Cue me, singing the Canadian National Anthem and marching around my office.


And just because I can… photos from The Land That Time Forgot.  Seven year old Sam Gagner meeting Jarome Iginla:


There you have it, #TeamGagner shippers.  Happy Friday to you all.

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  1. Shayna Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this forever! #TeamGagner all the way. Even with his mustache he’s incredible. Props to Pants for finally realizing his foxy-ness.

  2. Farah Reply

    My takeaways from this are that Edmonton is cold, and Iginla is old.

    That rhymes, and I tried to make a poem, but I lack the necessary creativity. (sigh)

  3. Amy Reply

    I’m not even an Oilers fan, but I love Sammy so. Thank you for making this post. 🙂

  4. Michelle Reply

    as my tumblr tag for him states, i think i may have a Sam Gagner situation


    42 below… CELCIUS.

    Hope you’re not a fond of your finer extremities, because you will lose them.

    But they do have Oilers hockey… so worth it.