Yes, that really did happen.

“The Bruins have won the Stanley Cup!” Those words will live with me for the rest of my life. For the first time since 1972, the Black and Gold have won the most beauteous and shiniest of all trophies in professional sports.  The Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks, a team which lead the regular season […]

Bear vs. Orca

Well, here we are. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Bruins vs. Canucks. East vs. West. Bear vs. Orca. For fans of both teams, tonight will be a special game.  History will be made. Bruins have the opportunity to win their first Cup in 39 years.  Canucks have the chance to win their first […]

Chuck checks one off her bucket list.

Last night, I had the time of my life. Just like Baby in “Dirty Dancing.”  Except instead of Johnny Castle, I had Tim Thomas. Thanks to a one very awesome friend, I was at Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals at TD Garden. Bruins shutout the Canucks, 4-0  to even the series 2-2.  Series […]

Mess with the Bear, You get the Claws

The Boston Bruins came into Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night needed a win to avoid going down 3-0 to the Vancouver Canucks. Well, they got that win…and then some. They mauled the Canucks with their big, sharp claws. Bear’s Victory Dance is well deserved. Bruins play best when they are infuriated.  Aaron Rome gave […]


Sidney Crosby met with Dr. Michael Collins, the specialist who’s been monitoring his condition since he sustained a concussion in January, on Tuesday and is starting his summer program of off-ice workouts. Penguins General Manager Ray Shero said Crosby will be joined by his longtime personal trainer for the next 2-3 weeks as he works […]

I Get Knocked Down…But I Get Up Again…

Last night’s game was the most exhilarating, exciting, intense Stanley Cup Finals game that I have seen in recent memory. It also happened to be totally crappy and soul-sucking. As the tornado watch loomed over the city of Boston, the thunder boomed, and lightning lit up the sky like a Polish dyskotekya, the Bruins were […]

Make Way for Ducklings!

Everyone’s got Black and Gold fever in Boston… Including these little ones… and this guy too!  

Waiting for Tonight…

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning! Is this really happening?  Is the team that I’ve rooted for and cheered for all season really in the Stanley Cup Finals? Hell ya, they are! Bruins and Canucks will face off at 8pm EST in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  I’m supposed to have […]

True Story

Chuck (Ron) and Pants (Harry), circa Bruins/Lightning Game 7. Stamkos gets hit in the face: The Bruins score to take a 1-0 lead: The game ends: Yes Chuck, that really happened!!  Congratulations to the Bruins.  Make room for me on your wagon because we’re going to Vancouver!

It'll only takes one…

The Bruins are one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals. One win.  One measly little win. It is so close, we can taste it. Yesterday’s 3-1 win over the Lightning was not pretty by any means, but it is a “W” nonetheless. Bruins’ d-men looks shaky and slow.  Communication between Timmay and ZC33, AF21, […]

The Bear Believes…and so do we…

Because history doesn't let history repeat.

I love you, Boston Bruins.

On the Bright Side of the Street

Lately it has been a little doom and gloom around here.  And with some good reason, I’ll agree. First, the Pens lose and Pants was very sad, yet hopeful that Mikey and the boys can ease her pain. Then, the Mikey and said boys get swept up like dust bunnies by Steve Stamkos, “Father Time” […]


I really do. I was there last year. My caps went out in the first round. This was me last year. But I lived through it. And you will too. You are better than this and your men need you. Maybe not your team but there are others out there in the trenches fighting, that […]

Worry Warts Invade WUYS HQ. Solution: Your Magical Mojo.

Habs beat the Bruins last night to force a game 7…tonight. Pens face-off against the Lightning in game 7…tonight. Needless to say this is a very stressful day in the WUYS office.  Not even a breakfast of warm toasty bagels and whipped cream cheese courtesy of Intern Jeff Skinner could make us feel better. We’re […]