On the Bright Side of the Street

Lately it has been a little doom and gloom around here.  And with some good reason, I’ll agree.

First, the Pens lose and Pants was very sad, yet hopeful that Mikey and the boys can ease her pain.

Then, the Mikey and said boys get swept up like dust bunnies by Steve Stamkos, “Father Time” Dwayne Roloson, Squishy and the rest of the Tampa Bay Lightning.   Pants is inconsolable.  And Dawn is even worse.  They just lay face down on the floor, surrounded by Whatchamacallit wrappers and empty bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola.  And Dawn refuses to change out of her Ovechkin sweatpants.  It is sort of depressing.

But I totes get their pain.  I’ve felt it deep down countless times – Patriots’ loss in the Super Bowl, US losing to Ghana in the 2010 World Cup, the Bruins losing to Phi….ermmm….nevermind.

But Pants, Dawn, and all sad pandas out there, it’s time to cheer up!  Hockey ain’t over!

"Come here, Motoscooter. I loves you. Let us hug. Wow, you are short. My son, he taller than you and he only 4 years."

There is still plenty more hockey to watch and plenty of teams to cheer for.   I recommend cheering for the Sharks, the Predators (and Shea Weber’s beard), and the Bruins (natch).

Every Bruins fan in the world is in a very precarious spot right now.  We hope and pray that the Bruins can close out their sweep of the Flyers on Friday, but the hurt of last year still burns deep in our souls.  The statistically probability of that happening again this year are impossible (right?).  Remember lightning doesn’t strike twice.  At least not when Timmy the Tank is in net.

Everyone knows that goaltending wins Cups (Stanley’s, not Hogwarts’) and with the way that Thomas has been playing, as a Bruins fan it is not hard to dream about what a parade down Tremont Street would look like…

Instead of red and blue, picture it black and gold...

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

There is still one more game to play, but like the Black Eyes Peas said…

I got a feeling.

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  1. Dawncherrie Reply

    It looks like they are doing Balkie’s Happy Dance!

  2. Last time I checked, Chara was from Slovakia. But that is close to Meepos, right?

    No matter. Last night’s game was great. Bruins came out jumping and never looked back.

    Tim Thomas = amazeballs

  3. Cassy Reply

    Dude – they win and sod placement, I am flying over for that victory parade on Tremont Street! OK so I won’t cos I’ll be like days away from finishing placement, but I’ll expect you to go and take loads of pics and email them pronto!

    We can dream! I mean, there is a strong possibility desperation is going to kick in at Game 4. But there’s an equal chance we might do a TB and how exciting would that be. (I’ll be wearing my Bruins wear EVERYWHERE uniform be damned!)

    I am spending a great deal of time at the moment explaining Ice Hockey and the Stanley Cup to people. Loads. I think they think I’m nuts. This is why I want to be proper Canadian instead of Fauxnadian. 😀

  4. I give this an A+ for Ron “Weasley is my King” reference. And because you didn’t bring up the Blackhawks, because I’m already bled dry.

    • Lindsay Reply

      I’m with Pants from earlier today. After the Hawks, Pens AND Caps lost, I feel as cursed as the Titanic. Now Detroit’s on their way out as well. For realz – I might as well start cheering for Vancouver to ensure their demise. They’re really the only team that I DON’T want to win the cup. Anyone but them I’d be happy with.