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In an alternate universe, today is Monday, December 17.  The Panthers are playing the Capitals tonight.  I’ll be there, meeting Rae and Josie in our usual seats before the pre-game skate with a beer and chicken tenders.  It’s a great game: Mike has a hat trick, Nicky has four points, iCarly is under the hood and during the intermission, all the Mites on Ice fall down at the same time.

Alas, I’m stuck in this crappy version of hockey-challenged reality.  At least Tumblr wouldn’t leave us alone on a dreary Monday that promises to drag on all week until holiday vacation time.

Tumblr presents – An ode to Mike’s hair:

And one to his tattoos, which I still don’t like.  Apparently that doesn’t matter as much as I once would have thought.

Alterna-Mike has completed his transformation.  Once upon a time, we’d have testified in court that he styled his hair with a mascara wand.  Now this hat is the new hairdo.  It makes my eyebrows feel really inferior.

And this shirt makes all other shirts jealous.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Mike wearing any tshirt makes ALL tshirts jealous. FACT.

  2. Rae Reply

    Man, am I late in posting a comment but…I do miss those warmups – the gawking, drooling, breathlessness and then the quiet, suppressed “eeeeeeeeeeeee!”s. Sigh.

    And yes, I did become a Mikey fan after that day of playground building. 😉