Welcome to the White House

YOU GUYS LOOK AT THIS.   That’s MY name. On the FRONT ROW of the WHITE HOUSE event with the PENGUINS and the CUP and POTUS.  Yesterday was amazing!   First, we got to the White House, where I apparently did not set off any security alerts. Good thing they don’t read this blog. After having our […]

Can We Panic Now?

Oh my God, a blog post. I know. We have been everywhere except in front of our computers lately, or honestly in front of TVs watching hockey. Who vacations in the spring? Fools! I looked at my calendar and all of a sudden: It’s almost April. The Penguins have 9 games left. I AM ALARMED. […]

Happy Monday

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!  I got to wear shorts and a tank top this weekend AND the Penguins won last night, so I don’t even hate Mondays.  It’s Day 20 of the playoffs, and if you spent the past few days enjoying the sun, here’s what was happening on TV: Penguins and Rangers series […]

After Hours, Indeed

Saturday night sure was exciting for Penguins fans.  Crosby goes to Western Canada once a year – not at all last year – and even the opposing team’s broadcasters talk about him like he’s Santa.  The Pens won in Calgary, vindicating Lindsay’s decision to wear her Crosby jersey to the game while her family all […]

Up Close and…

Check out these gorgeous pictures from Carmen Mandato Photography. Large, hi-res versions are on the website along with a few shots of other teams. People have asked if she’ll have prints available for sale.  She’s on Facebook too. God, don’t you just love hockey?  And wish you had longer eyelashes?  And feel relieved that no […]

Foxy Friday: Brandon Sutter

This Foxy Friday is presented by democracy. First I asked Twitter to nominate candidates.  Then I picked a guy who only got one vote and declared him the winner anyway, because he’s from my home state and he plays for my team.  Is it Nepotism? No.  It’s America. Brandon Sutter had a good week.  He […]

Skates, Plates & Prom Dates

Sweetie, your prom date is here. You’re dad’s thinking, “Whew.  My daughter’s safe with this dork.” Sorry to be late – the Penguins annual Skates & Plates benefit was a few days ago.  You know, the one where they get dressed up and try not to drop food on themselves, people, the floor give us […]

Drop It Like…

In this season’s first episode of the Penguins series “In the Room,” you can learn all about Joe Vitale, the very short pre-season and other fascinating hockey-related things. Then forget them all in the last 10 seconds. The next thing Sid will have to pick up off the floor is me. You can watch the […]

All I Want for Christmas is…

SANTA, YOU LISTENED! Dear sweet Mother of I Don’t Know What I Did to Deserve This but your girl here was apparently on the REALLY REALLY NICE list this year, and Christmas is a little early. I screamed when I saw these.  My boss came running and found me face down on my desk pointing […]

The Final Countdown

You should all read this NHL.com article that runs down every single team and where they stand with 2-4 games left in the regular season.  I held my breath the entire time. Oh the East.  I really want Carolina to make this one… Intern Jeff Skinner playoff reports, people!  If the Pens can please stay […]

Best. Weekend. Ever.

We survived!  Pittsburgh was freaking awesome.  There will be full disclosure and lots of photos, but the highlights included: – Pens Open Practice 1+ hours of puckhandling drills to the tune of twenty little kids chanting “We want a puck!”  Letang tossed a puck to us – but it went to the adoring 9 year […]

Mind Over Brain Matter

So to quote many a hockey player and coach, hockey is 90% mental and 10% physical. OK – I’ll buy that for a hot second since it was regurgitated out of Kris Letang’s luscious mouth recently. (I’m paraphrasing him more intelligently.) Where I am I going with this? Is it me or are many teams […]

Exit to the Dark Side?

Dawn and I are going to our first Caps game tonight in San Jose. Dawn will be wearing the aforementioned Ovechtrick head-to-toe ensemble.  And she’s bringing me Caps gear.  I might even wear it. At the very least I have consented to a red & white hoodie (from BU, gotta keep some of my dignity).  […]

Mr. Hilary Duff in the news again …

So when TMZ reported that Mr. Duff’s Mercedes something or other was being repossessed and he has refused to pay for it or give it back, I had visions of that show on A&E or Tru TV – REPO! Which would have been totally awesome! I could see the little pug nose leprechaun sitting on […]