Mr. Hilary Duff in the news again …

til death do us part...

So when TMZ reported that Mr. Duff’s Mercedes something or other was being repossessed and he has refused to pay for it or give it back, I had visions of that show on A&E or Tru TV – REPO! Which would have been totally awesome! I could see the little pug nose leprechaun sitting on his hood with Hil in the background screaming how humiliating it was and that huge bleach blonde pulling on Mr. Duff’s legs as he kicks and screams and tantrums.

Mike would have met his match

Adding insult to injury, TMZ reported that Mr. Duff must had married Mrs. Duff for her money – OBVIOUSLY – because she is raking in those bucks NOW. I’m sure those royalty checks from Disney and that pay cut he took to join the Penguins keep her stocked in bon bons for sure.

HOWEVER .. all is not so in the Mr. Hilary Duff household. Mrs. Hilary Duff is not as dumb as we all thought. Mr. Duff is heir to The Brick furniture dynasty in Canada – a 500 million company. Yes, 500 million dynasty. So I would guess that Daddy bought the gaudy babble on Hil’s finger, if not her as well for baby boy; bought Mr. Duff’s way into the Penguin’s locker room because baby boy wanted a ring – and not Hil’s ring although I’m sure they probably take turns wearing it. This would also would explain why baby boy could afford the pay cut too.

I knew there was something rotten in Denmark, I mean Pittsburgh, and this time it wasn’t Sidney! Go figure!

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  1. I refuse to watch TMZ because I’m embarrassed about how hard it makes me laugh. Have you ever seen this? Joffrey Lupul on TMZ because he went on a date with some D-lister. The TMZ folks have NO idea who Lupul is and play “every Canadian’s favorite game: Pick Out the Hockey Player.”

    Reason #739 that we should be famous. This is getting sad.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      One of my best friends is just below Harvey and second in command on that show. She is AWESOME and AWESOMELY FUNNY! I love her! I tell her all the time how much I love TMZ and get the inside scoop. She from Seattle … Go figure! HA!