Foxy Friday: Brandon Sutter

This Foxy Friday is presented by democracy.

First I asked Twitter to nominate candidates.  Then I picked a guy who only got one vote and declared him the winner anyway, because he’s from my home state and he plays for my team.  Is it Nepotism? No.  It’s America.

brandon sutter

Brandon Sutter had a good week.  He got some goals, some hugs, some wins.  He even got confused for his dad, which if you’re a Sutter is a big deal.


As you know, he is also not Jordan Staal.  The subject of much weeping into a bag of Fritos during the lockout has become instead one of joy for Penguins fans.

sutter6Pick us up, swing us around.

Sutts played the last four seasons with the Hurricanes – including three stints with my hometown AHL Albany River Rats.  Brandon, you’re already Foxy Friday, you can stop with the flattering me. (Don’t stop.)

He was traded to Pittsburgh during JStaal’s wedding like a cake with someone inside, waiting to jump out.


So far he has 8 G/5A in 23 games this year.  He’s playing primarily third line center, though with Malkin out everyone is everywhere for the Pens.  It doesn’t matter.  When Brandon ends up alongside Neal, all James has to do is flinch while Sutter buries it:


When he’s on the ice with Crosby, he might not even pass.  He might just win the game himself.


How’s that feel, eh?


What else? Brandon is 24 and was born in NY (though he is Canadian) on Valentine’s Day, no less.  He’s tall and honestly too skinny, I worry about him getting broken out there.


According to the Tumblr rumor mill, Brandon is also recently engaged. It’s no wonder when you read that he keeps his apartment neat [link] and, well…


This trade has been a win for the Penguins, who’ve been winning a lot of games lately.  Sutter looks pretty happy about it too.  Here he is answering Twitter questions from Pens fans:


The Pens play the Rangers tomorrow afternoon, the rematch against Chuck’s Bruins on Sunday.  Sutter’s 2-goal comeback game will not be forgotten by the Bs.  They host the Caps tomorrow.. wait, why am I not in Boston this weekend? How dare Chuck be away on a weekend like this?

I guess it’s better, we don’t want to fight. GO PENS!


Side note: 200 people (okay, 5) voted #TeamGagner because apparently we don’t do enough for the Oilers around here.  Duly noted, ladies, duly noted.  Sam will get his day.  A few other guys got multiple votes and I’ve filed them all away.

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  1. Shayna Reply

    This is a great pick but yes, please do one for Sam Gagner soon! (Justin Schultz should get a turn too!) 🙂

    • YES! I agree! TEAM JSCHULTZ.

      I do really love BSutts, though. If the Pens had to lose JStaals, I’m glad they got him in return.

  2. Amy Reply

    I agree that Baby Sutts needs to put on a little weight so he doesn’t get broken; and for a FF with Sammy G. 🙂 Another suggestion that I have, and I didn’t find him in here yet, is Dan Boyle. He’s always been one of my favorites.

  3. Don’t leave us in suspense here… does the intern still have the purple shark???

    • Pants Reply

      He’d be so embarrassed if we told the truth!

  4. Karen Reply

    Hey! First time commenting, this blog warms the cockles of my Penguins-loving heart!

    Loving this post – I’ve been feeling the foxy from Suttsy all week!!

  5. Look at his beautiful hands… 😉
    And anyone that can make Sid do a flying hug is A-Okay in my book.

    I approve of this choice heartily. Go, Pens!

  6. Macy Reply

    Every time a foxy NHLer gets engaged, a little part of me dies (not really, but you know)

  7. SharksFanMeg Reply

    I think it’s time Foxy Friday explore the beauty that is Adam Burish. Just sayin’.