Playoff Predictions: Wild Wild West

Now onto the Western Conference Playoff Predictions, where we be like… Disclaimers: Chuck: I have watched some Western Conferences games this year, but those 10pm start times are killers. My predictions are based off:  the games I HAVE watch; NHL Network, what I’ve read about the teams, and Ms. Cleo. Pants: I need to be honest […]

What Goes Around

The best revenge after being dumped is to become more attractive. Exponentially, impossibly, space-and-time-threateningly more attractive. Like James Neal at the 4 minute mark of this post-game coverage. The second best part, right after his face, is how much James hates doing this interview. He doesn’t get sassy, drones through cliches like I nap through […]

Beneath the Ice

You could do worse than to launch your new season and new show with James Neal’s face. The Preds’ “Beneath the Ice” series debuted the other night with 6-plus minutes of what James is good at off the ice.   1. Sitting like a boy. (Remember when John Tavares was the only one with media training, […]

Foxy Friday: Rich Clune

You should know we didn’t discover Rich Clune when James Neal got traded to the Predators.  Any NHL player who is sassy on Twitter piques our interest pretty early.  But standing next to – or taking in – one of our favorites certainly brings the light. Even Puck Daddy has a piece about Neal & […]

To the fella over there…

Attention everyone: James Neal cut his hair. In fact, James Neal cut his hair a week ago and I didn’t even notice.  How does this happen? Am I so fickle when someone departs my team? I basically wrote, “Friends forever!” in his yearbook back in June, then went to college and forgot about him. A few […]

Foxy Friday: Roman Josi

Happy New Year!  Happy Foxy Friday! It’s our First Foxy Friday of the Year and we’re starting it off right. It all actually started in 2013 when there I was,  just minding my own business, drinking a glass of delicious scotch, talking on the twitter, when WUYS reader @sarahconnors drops this Foxy Friday bomb on […]

This is not really happening.

Lord.  The Flyers signed Shea Weber to a $110 million, 14-year offer sheet.  I’ve only been awake for four hours and I’m already sick of this. In non-140 character speak, he has accepted their offer to be paid like this: The Predators have seven days to match the offer.  If they don’t, they’ll get 4 […]

Foxy Friday: Ryan Suter

To say that Ryan Suter is having a good week would be an understatement. Wednesday was America’s birthday.  Ryan being a member of Team USA and proud American, we’re pretty sure he threw a pretty raging bbq. Sparklers. Potato Salad.  Inflatable Pool Beer Pong.  The whole nine yards. Then on the same day, he signed […]

I appreciate you, Nashville Predators.

There are lots of things that I love about playoff hockey. And although I’m a little disappointed with all the nasty play and dirty hits and the lack of respect that some players *coughraffitorres* have shown for their fellow players, there is something about this time of year that makes my heart just fill up […]

WUYS Morning News

Mike Green didn’t make the trip to Winnipeg with the Caps, but he did take his sprained ankle to the Kid Rock show in DC last night.  He wore his only favorite sweater (seriously, he wears this more than Toews wears that suit) and that hat that makes me want to throw snowballs.  Money was […]

Terrier TKO…erm…Not So Much

Awww, look at how cute. Colin Wilson tried to fight someone. Heeeyyyy wait a tic… YOU TRIED TO FIGHT MAX LAPIERRE? ARE YOU CRAZY!? NOT THE FACE!  Please sweet lord in heaven, not the face.

RIP: Webeard

RIP, Shea Weber’s beard, aka Webeard. We’re gonna miss ya, buddy. *poursoneoutforherhomey*

Foxy Friday: Pekka Rinne!

So I took my own advice and found a new friend! Not that I’m jumping ship on the Caps – but everyone here knows- I HEART GOALIES! And what’s not to love about this other Finnish snack PEKKA RINNE! I can now have a Miikka Kiprusoff-PekkaRinne sammy with a Cherrie in the middle! And that’s […]

It's Alive

Shea Weber’s beard was interviewed before and after the Preds’ 1-0 loss to Vancouver in Game 1.  I cannot express how much I want Nashville to win.  Not only do I hate the Canucks (especially now, PTSD!) but we need more time for this to reach its full potential: I can’t seem to link to […]

If You're Going To Go There, GO THERE!

This is what you can buy on shop NHL.COM. This is what you SHOULD be able to buy at shop NHL.COM if I ran the circus. Just sayin.

Beard, Still Here

The Nashville Predators advanced to Round 2… and the beard lives on.  Shea Weber’s beard is the top ranking search term around here every day.  The Foxy Friday alum has also been nominated for the Norris Trophy.  That’s a pretty badass few days. They join the Red Wings and Capitals in the waiting room to […]

The Beard.

This week’s beard update. Here’s where it stands. The Sedin’s are disqualified because they always have one and it’s always groomed. Shea Weber started too early but I’ll include him solely because of its sheer awesomeness but he’s out of the running and same goes for George Parros. And believe it or not, there is actually an attractive […]

Nasville Gets a Jump on Things

Somebody is starting early.  The Nashville Predators defensemen have a challenge going to see whose playoff beard will turn out best.  Is that premature when you haven’t clinched a playoff spot? Or is it simply pointless because Shea Weber already looks like this? This photo is a few days old, so it’s even bushier now.  […]

Something's 'Fishy' About This Trade.

Mike Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville today! Did you think that’s strange since he’s married to Carrie-Fisher (NOT PRINCESS LEIA)-UNDERWOOD of American Idol fame? She of many many Grammy’s fame and CWA fame and basically all-around cutie-patutie-talent-pie. Not that she didn’t land herself a hot hunk of hockey man meat. Jealously all-around please. When they married and […]

Foxy Friday: Shea Weber

I wanted to include Shea Weber in the Skills Competition post, but there are really no YouTube videos of his game highlights.  Just big, bone-crunching hits.  Shea almost won the ’09 Hardest Shot with a 103.4 mph slapper [video].  Chuck’s pal Chara beat him by 2mph.  When you’re going that fast, what’s 2mph? So we’re […]