The Beard.

Is the stanley cup hiding in there?

This week’s beard update. Here’s where it stands. The Sedin’s are disqualified because they always have one and it’s always groomed. Shea Weber started too early but I’ll include him solely because of its sheer awesomeness but he’s out of the running and same goes for George Parros. And believe it or not, there is actually an attractive man under that obnoxious 70’s facial hair and horrible hair cut!

As Mr. Cherrie says, "This is made for riding!"

Other than that, it’s up for grab and if I’ve missed one of your favorites, feel free to send a photo because I’ve spent hours pouring over this week’s play off photos and I very well could have missed some one.

No wonder Detroit keeps winning, the entire team can grow one in a day!

Who knew? Evidently not Boston ...

Mike Green is growing something MAGICAL! HOLY COW!

let's hope more goals come flying out of Patrice's beard ...or somewhere else - SOON!

where on earth did this come from? because one minute is wasn't there and the next - BAM! scooby doo !

no wonder this series is tied 1-1 ... penner and wallin.

does this really surprise any of us? ALL MAN ... ALL THE TIME.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Why is this young lady smiling? Because she took the challenge!

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  1. Jones Reply

    lol. The last photo is what makes this.

    Also, I vote for Dubinsky’s surprise porno stache, because, as you say, BAM! there it was all of a sudden. Also I giggled every time there was a close up of him today.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    Me too even though he was the one who beat my beloved Captials today. Every time I saw him I was like, “WTF?” and he is like two years old …I had to keep checking to make sure it was the same dude! It’s an amazing feat! Watch to find out it’s fake! HA!

  3. Deanna Reply

    Some of my Wings can grow pretty damn impressive beards: Bertuzzi, Zetterberg, Cleary, Franzen. Even our little babies Helm and Abdelkader have some facial hair going this year.

    I have to say, I’m REALLY liking Green’s scruffy face. A LOT. Too bad my boy John Carlson has way too much of a baby face to grow a playoff beard 🙂

    Regarding Dubinsky’s ‘stache… I couldn’t stop laughing every time he was on camera today. He looks ridiculous, and honestly his mustache looks fake, like it was drawn on with a Sharpie haha

    • Abdelkader sounds like a medieval torture device.

      Thank you. That is all.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Bergy ALWAYS looks sexy. He almost always has stubble and it makes me go weak at the knees. ESP in RL. Oh man it’s embarrassing. But I am NOT like Horton’s. It’s bad, ESP combined with his charity brush cut. I know it’s for a good cause, but he looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes and I’m not talking human. Any updates on MAX TALBOT’s Saskwatch status btw?! Because that man does BEARD. Can I just have all the Quebequois on my team please?!

  5. You beat me to Shea Weber, Dawn. I was cracking myself up last night with a post idea and you’ll have to hope the Preds make round 2 so I can post it!

    That is the least beard Max has had all season. Maybe his challenge is to NOT grow one. It’ll be tougher for Max to keep it off than most of these guys to put it on. 😉

    • Cassy Reply

      I bet Max is trying out a new idea; different stage of beard for each round. Like he’s said in the past; after two weeks in the wild with the male members of his family, they look, well, HAIRY. And yet even MAX TALBOT looks good like that.

      Does Fidget’s assist make this week’s Mikey Monday Pants?! What can I say?! You and Dawn have thoroughly corrupted me. Well, between Mr Blue-Blue Eyes, Fidget and the fact they’re playing the NYR, it was no contest really!

      • Seriously Pissed Reply

        Do you guys follow Max on Twitter? He announced that he was shaving the day before the playoffs started, so that beard is a pure playoff beard. A lot of other guys totally cheated and got a head start.

        • Cassy Reply

          That’s a HELL YEAH to that. You don’t want to know how many NHL players I follow on Twitter. I’m sure some of them have a restraining order out on me.

          • One of us may have gotten blocked by one of them. I’m not naming names.

          • Did Ovi block Dawn????

  6. dawncherrie Reply

    That’s why I disqualified many. But let’s hope max just let’s it grow rather than do any manscaping because the fu-man-chu he was not rocking – SUCKED. I can’t wait to see Mike Green’s if they stay in the play-offs because it may over take his face and Ovi’s Gillette endoresment has screwed him but it looks like he is growing a GO-TEAM! hahahahaha!

    • Cassy Reply

      You forgot to say MAX TALBOT Dawn bahahahahahahaha!

    • dawncherrie Reply

      Ovi hasn’t blocked me yet! 🙂