Luck Be a Lady

My dad asked me yesterday: If you win this $500 million Powerball jackpot, could you end the NHL lockout? WHEN I WIN, you mean?  Well, not with money left over for daily foot massages and a new Nealmobile.  Instead I’d start my own hockey league (small, I don’t need a lot of teams) and fill it […]

I Would Walk 3,821 Miles

3,821 miles. That is what separates me from Rick Nash. While I am left here to wallow in my ever increasing depression over the state of the NHL, Rick is over in Switzerland just having a grand ole time. He’s climbing the Alps and making snowmen with Joe Thornton. He’s looking impossibly adorable in a ridiculous uniform. […]

F&%$ You, Friday.

I can’t do a Foxy Friday when I’m this upset.  Furious Friday, maybe. You can read all about the depressing turndowns of the NHL and NHPLA competing offers at yesterday’s meetings in Toronto.  I have seen enough. The NHL took a swing at the PR tide by announcing a 50/50 offer to the NHLPA.  It’s […]

I can’t even laugh.

If I were not so pissed about the looming lockout, I would find this caption hysterical. Apparently Intern Jeff Skinner is much smarter than the intern who captioned this photo of Eric Staal.  Either that, or Jeff’s moonlighting at the Associated Press. I know it’s just a typo, but is it an omen?  Does it […]