ALL the Bubble Wrap!

Kris Letang took a hit to the head last night and left the Pens game in the first with an “upper body injury.” Immediately, commentators began fighting.  Some say Letang put himself in a vulnerable position.  Others are calling for Eric Nystrom’s suspension.  EJ Hradek of NHL Network says: ESPN’s (former Foxy Friday) John Buccigross […]

This Week's Play-Offs Are Brought To You By The Letter "D".

I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to pull the obvious word out my butt, but not yet. I’ll get to Letang and dreamy Mike Green and someone else in a second. But first up, Jeremy Roenick has been harping on the first word, DISCIPLINE. Coming from JR, it conjures a couple of thoughts because […]

This Is How Much I Love Drew Doughty And The LA Kings!

Unfortunately Robot Chicken won’t let you upload the clip so you have to follow the (link) but it was Drew Doughty ALL NIGHT LONG! Chang- Ching! I couldn’t stand it last night! If the puck was anywhere near Drew it went in! He was the second star in the NHL behind Pavel Datsyuk; he tied the franchise record with an […]

BOTB: That Was All a Bad Dream Episode

You remember in the 80’s when TV writers didn’t know how to end the big cliff hanger episode on Dallas or Moonlighting so they did the Ol’ have Maddy and Bruce get together – something you’ve been waiting for, like forevs, only to be sucker punched like Avery, to find out Maddy was having a […]

BOTB: All JR All The Time

Canada should just rename this “The Jeremy Roenick Show” because he is the only reason to watch. While it was Halloween, Jeremy showed up as a ‘vampire/frankenstein’ which really looked like he was in drag which really looked like just another excuse for him to wear women’s underwear and grinned like he had a secret that we […]

Bret Michaels' Thorn Kicks Seal's Rose but it's Far From Bringing Sexy Back!

What?! Yeah … those crazy Canadians! It’s the second week of Battle of the Blades and this week’s theme was BRINGING SEXY BACK but trust me, Justin Timberlake was NO WHERE IN SIGHT! It came down to Tom Warner and Georges Laraque in the final skate off. Tom skated to Bret Michael’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” […]

It just confirms everything I've ever believed about Canada

OK – so I’m sitting here watching the results show for BOTB II and as I noted there was no way Canadians were going to let the Russians win, but I didn’t think they were going to send them home TONIGHT! Good God! They had the highest score Sunday from the judges. Luckily, the judges […]

What I learned from BOTB last night …

1. My apologies to Pants, you wont need to become a Canadian citizen to ice dance with Sid because this season they have graciously allowed a US judge, JR, AND a Russian couple – Valerie Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva – she’s the only figure skater I had ever heard of. I would predict that they […]