We Will Become Unconscious

Well, most of us anyway.  The NHL debuted their new ad campaign over the weekend: Questions Will Become Answers. I thought this slogan was kinda lame until I saw the videos.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Sorry CI, but a girl needs a moment here.)  Did I make an entire ad campaign and completely forget?! Because this is exactly what I would have done.  Now I’m giving out my own awards for these spots:

#1: Jonathan Toews – Winner winner, chicken dinner.  I love JT so much he should just join the damned Penguins already.  Oh, to have been in the meeting where someone said “Toews” and “squats” in the same sentence.  That sound you hear is my dead body hitting the floor.

#2: Ryan Miller – Miller Time!  He makes me want to sing the National Anthem.  The idea of this drill makes my left hand hurt, and I’m pretty sure this is my old neighborhood in Queens.  Bonus points for excellent hair.

#3: Sidney Crosby – Could have been better.  And by ‘better’ I mean ‘lower.’  Still, he is so impressive you don’t need to see anything but his sneakers and his face.

#4: Ovi – This one’s for Dawn.  I can’t rank him above Sid (ever) and I think he could have been wearing a tank top.  Right?  But the man is a beast.  I feel like this rope workout is a favorite Russian pastime.

#5: Mike Cammalleri – I don’t like you.  Stay in this parking lot all season and don’t bother us.  I would have picked someone else for this slot – think of what we’re missing!  Shawn Thornton, Jarome Iginla, hell even a Flyer (but not Pronger).  Eh, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

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  1. dawncherrie Reply

    OMG … love it! all of it! Too bad we don’t get it here. But we do get that awful version of “If Sidney lights the lamp in Pittsburgh will you cheer in Moosejaw!” LOL .. seriously … Moosejaw! HA! I guess the answer is yes. Too bad that tire didn’t fall over and knock out Cameltoe ..