The Good Lie

In his latest and greatest Valentine’s Day video, Cabbie gets Tyler and Jamie to prank their mothers by announcing they will propose to their respective girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.  Girlfriends their mothers have never met, because they aren’t real.


We here at WUYS hold a few truths to be self-evident:

1) Cabbie for President – of a made-up country we start because he can’t actually be our President, as a Canadian. This is in the fine print somewhere.

2) The Dallas Stars want to be your favorite team.

3) Tyler Seguin is an excellent liar. We assume he only uses this when necessary, but that boy could sell you a bridge.


4) Jamie Benn, not so much.


5) And finally, moms are the best. Every one, every time.


Feel free to cut the end off this video, play it for your own parents and announce, “Meet my fiance!”


But you haven’t actually met him, so…


Thank you to @charlieryan58 for sending this!

Enjoy a throwback Valentine: Cabbie and the Oilers PUPPIES with Actual Puppies


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  1. Favorite part – when Tyler’s mom calls him an asshole.

    I would gladly have this woman as my mother-in-law

    • I literally just said this. It is fact.

    • Agreed!!! She was hilarious, as was Jamie’s mom. I tweeted out that Cabbie better look out b/c those moms will be after him! Hahahaha This was priceless.

  2. Fatema Reply

    Tyler and Jamie made fun of the Sedin twins for being roomies on the road

    • Pants Reply

      These two would be road roomies in a heartbeat, if such a thing existed under the current CBA, so I consider their words a weak attempt at misdirection. Plus, if I got mad every time a guy said something dumb without thinking his words through, I would have to get divorced.

      • Kate Reply

        I also think Jamie and Tyler need to learn that sports talk radio hosts are up to no good and you should not let them pull you down into conversations you should know better than to have.

  3. Kate Reply

    I think the sequel should be Jamie and Tyler’s moms giving Cabbie a stern talking to 🙂