Hockey Thanksgiving!

I woke up this morning to the Twitter “moments” collection of Fat Pets. Honestly, if my true calling isn’t assembling brilliant colelctions of internet things, I may never find purpose in life. So, while I wait for my fat pants to finish in the dryer, here is a list of five hockey-related things we are […]

The Good Lie

In his latest and greatest Valentine’s Day video, Cabbie gets Tyler and Jamie to prank their mothers by announcing they will propose to their respective girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.  Girlfriends their mothers have never met, because they aren’t real.   We here at WUYS hold a few truths to be self-evident: 1) Cabbie for President – of […]

That’s a Little Close

It’s Penguins opening night!!  Also, there’s something seriously wrong with me. Not five seconds into this video and I have the gasping laughtears.  I keep pausing it to cackle. Cabbie Presents on TSN: with Sidney Crosby (Skip to 39 min mark) Sid just got an iPhone.  Before that he had a flip phone.  I bet he’s […]

More Moments, Please.

If you put all of my favorite things into one of those lottery machines and gave it a few spins, what are the odds that these four things would fall out? Stamkos #TeamEbs Cabbie Coca-Cola The answer would be zero, but that’s already the name of this campaign. These two will star in the next […]

Just a Feeling

If there are two people I like more in hockey… well, there aren’t.   Tell me again why Cabbie doesn’t host the NHL Awards?  Or even present? Oh Steven.

We love Cabbie

How have I never seen this before?   My favorite is Getzlaf – he cannot get a single word out.  Even Crosby’s getting sassy.