Never Grow Up

If you keep losing to the Capitals and making me look like a chump in front of important people (like my boss, @raedanda, Mike Green, etc.), the second best way to my heart is through tiny skates and giggling.


Smile, there are girls watching.


Yeah, I’m a sucker.  Check out video of Crosby & friends surprising the Little Penguins hockey camp yesterday.

You can tell Flower has a kid, because he is not afraid to pick them up and spin them around and tackle them. The rest of this is like a Meeting of the Future Hot Dads of Western Pennsylvania:


It’s an omelet!


Sorry, wrong picture.


Then I surprised her with flowers and…


Yeah, that one. As usual, the kids are having fun, but the guys are having even more.


Do they make those socks in long?


Does this make you want to have kids? I showed it to my mom, who gave me “Disappointed Parent Re: Failure to Procreate Face”, then pronounced MAF her favorite Penguin. He has not let her down.


Go forward, tiny human.


The Little Penguins program, which Crosby sponsors, outfits kids with head-to-toe gear and they participate in camps. There are even some girls-only camps, because girls rule.

Video: Crosby at Little Pens practice in 2013


It’s not nice to make fun of people, unless they’re Borts. That’s okay.


Here’s a story on it from USA Today, plus a few shots on Penguins’ Instagram and Snapchat, if you know how to use that. Maybe these kids could teach me after hockey practice.


This game is called “What’s Wrong With Our Power Play!”


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  1. Fatema Reply

    Sid will be a great dad someday.

  2. danielle Reply

    I said the same thing about Flower when I saw him pick up those kids! He’s got to be an amazing dad 🙂

  3. Rae Reply

    It is totally fair to use little people and giggles against those who do not like you or your team, Penguins. It doesn’t mean I dislike you less, but it is totally fair. *crosses arms and nods head approvingly*