21 Days

It’s hard to believe three weeks of playoffs are in the books!  In some ways, I appreciate being down to just a few games per night.  Some nights I can even play hooky from watching.  That means catching up with NHL Network though, and there’s nothing worse than hour after hour of only 2 games to talk about.


When I fall asleep while Roenick or Milbury is on TV.

Canadiens take series lead over Bruins 2-1

I watched the first period of this game – long enough to see PK Subban get a minor for “roughing” Rielly Smith.  It should have been 1 minute for roughing Smith + 1 minute for roughing Thomas Vanek.  Or 2 minutes for missing.


So many butt-related jokes.

Then he scored on a breakaway coming out of the penalty box.  So perhaps he meant to miss his check, get the minor and end up in the right place at the right time?  Sounds legit.

The Bruins came roaring back, as they are wont to do, but it was too late.  3-2 until the last moment when Lars Eller made it 4-2.  My favorite stat about this game is Shawn Thornton had five hits in 7:42 of ice time.


Unrelated photo of Bergy to make Chuck feel better.

Wild score 4G on 8 shots in the third; trail Blackhawks in series 2-1

Someone who watched this game should write the recap because it sounds bonkers.  Chicago had just 19 shots in the game, Minnesota only 18.  That’s not unusual for the Wild, who ranked 29th in shots-for during the regular season.  (“Shots for” = favorite hockey stat name.)  But last night, eight of the Wild’s shots came in the 3rd and they scored four goals.  On eight shots.  One was an EN, but still!  They had 32 shots/2G in Game 1 and 19 shots/1G in Game 2.  This breakout had to feel great and restore serious confidence.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild

We share in your surprise.

Or not, because it’s the Blachawks.

Unrelated Kaner smile no one can resist.

Unrelated Kaner smile no one can resist.

Penguins/Rangers Game 4 is the only show tonight.  You can find me on the floor in front of my TV with plenty of chicken mushroom farro risotto, watching the beards.


Goals make your beards grow faster.

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  1. The Hawks/Wild game wasn’t bonkers, it was a giant snooze. The Wild were just slightly less skating on molasses than the Hawks then the Hawks just kinda gave up. *sad trombone*

    Looking forward to a more exciting Game 4 on Friday that I get to watch in it’s entirety whilst eating takeout as is my Friday tradition. Actually my Friday tradition is eating take out and watching Reign on PVR, but I will make an exception #BecauseItsTheCup.

  2. I think that shot of Bergy makes EVERYONE feel better – even those of us who hate the Bruins. I thank you.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. Bergy is the only reason to watch the Bruins. (Sorry, Chuck.)

  3. Claire Reply

    Some of Pierre’s comments about the Pens feel like a wet willy from a lizard.

  4. Tonight I’m just going to flip back and forth (more like watch survivor during the intermission) between Penguins and Rangers game and Survivor.

  5. Sorry, did you write anything after that Bergy pic? Brains turned to mush and leaked out my ears…or maybe that was my ovaries turning to mush…

    Unrelatedly, how unfair was it for EA to pit Perfect Patrice against everyone’s favorite new Tumblr addict, Swedish Prince Erik Karlsson?

  6. Lauren Reply

    Unrelated Bergeron pics always help me

  7. NY Girl Reply

    It always rubs me the wrong way when “fans” don’t watch the playoffs because their team is eliminated or didn’t make the playoffs. That is wrong on so many levels. These playoffs have been amazing. While my team is on the brink of elimination (NYR), I will be rooting for the Bruins. What is there left to say about Bergeron? A hockey god. A real man. A warrior. And, sweet to look at too. Wish I were from Boston. You are sooooo lucky to have him.