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Penguins love me back, lead series vs. Rangers 3-1

It was another good night at Camp Pants, but let’s not get too excited yet.  I mean, in-game it’s fine to look like this picture I found by searching “Gibbons gif:”


Thanks, internet.

It’s exactly what Penguins’ fans looked like after the gif I really wanted:


Thanks, as always, @myregularface.

He meant to do that, right?  The fantastic Brian “Cookie Van” Gibbons, who almost wrote his own short joke by scoring shorthanded?  Instead he served it up for BSutts and maximum @alisonsykora reaction.

I celebrated with half a pizza and some chicken wings, because I am American.


Single serving

The Pens had the upper hand all night long, increasing their hold as the game wore on and avoiding the too-common whirlpools of stupidity that have allowed opponents back into so many games.  There was quite a lot of doom-speaking from the commentators about the NYR… “lowest point of the year” and so on.  They said it, not I.  I learn too many superstitious lessons during playoffs, only to forget them all summer long.


The one time James Neal’s face isn’t my favorite face.

The Rangers were held to 15 shots all game.  Four of those came from Rick Nash, who is pushing so hard he’s going to end up in the zamboni tunnel one of these shifts.  That Mats Zuccarello is is quite good, I will begrudgingly admit.


This is my happy face.

Who else is in beastmode?  Malkin-Crosby-Kunitz.  They combined for nine shots, five points and Sid won 67% of his faceoffs.  I do so love Malkin/Crosby together – when they are clicking it’s great fun to watch.   Back in Pittsburgh Friday night it’ll be even more possible to keep them on-ice when Girardi and McDonaugh are off.


Fashion baby.

We still need one more win, of course.  Let’s not call something over until there is no more pizza to eat.

It was almost a luxury to have only one game last night, because how else am I supposed to catch up on Game of Thrones?  Back to the grind tomorrow, as the Bruins try to even their series with Montreal and the Kings look to win a 7th straight and go up 3-0 on Anaheim.  Anyone think the Ducks are getting back in it?

Side note: Sansa, you are an insufferable wet rag.  More Arya, please.

Buck up, it's playoffs!

Sansa would never make it through playoffs.

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  1. Pants, you know how I feel about Evgeni Malkin. How dare you post that GIF and expect me to complete the workday?

  2. I’m happy the Pens won, but that pic of Marc Staal (next to Neal) breaks my heart. He’s the only Ranger I like… because, hello, he’s a Staal.

  3. Dorothy Reply

    Pants: “The one time James Neal’s face isn’t my favorite face” – Love it! I’m heading to Pitt tomorrow – my Mother’s Day present. Can’t wait!

  4. That fourth Pens goal might have been the worst goal the Rangers have let in all season. Definitely top 3. So, so painful. The only positives to being at the game were 1-footage of me made it into the pre-game montage they play on the jumbotron… woo!!! (I totally should’ve left after that one shining moment); and 2-not having to suffer the additional indignity of listening to Pierre.

    A terrible effort all around by the Rangers. Not an excuse, but I think Henrik is hurt. Throughout the game, in between whistles, his body language was very slow and awkward. I hope it’s not serious. As for the rest of the team? I think they just patently refuse to let me be happy. I’m sure that’s it.

    I’m going to see Cher & Cyndi Lauper tonight because I can’t bear to watch Game 5 live. I’ll DVR it so I can fast forward through the painful parts. This girl just wants (and needs) to have fun.