Night Moves

I had a good night.  Did you guys have a good night?


Rick Nash’s “no” face.

Fleury throws another shutout, Pens lead Rangers 2-1

MAF had his second shutout in as many days, standing on his head at times to keep the NYR off the board in Game 3.  Not bad for a goalie who has playoff confidence problems, right?



In case you tuned in late to the game and heard 47:26 of dead air, that’s because CROSBY SCORED (!!!!)  in the first period and the commentators had nothing else to talk about.

Talking.  Who needs talking when you have… goals.  I was going to say goals.

sid2 (2)

High score

Sid’s goal was set up by a long, beautiful pass from Robert Bortuzzo.  This advertisement paid for by @alisonsykora.


Hoodie by lululemon

The Rangers have played a ton of hockey in the past two weeks, so today gap gives them much needed rest.  Personally, I hope there is construction in all of their luxury condo buildings until Game 4 on Wednesday night.  I made a lot of this delicious chicken mushroom farro risotto, if you want to come over.

Here’s Sid post-game on PensTV, and post-game with Pierre leaning in on NBC Sports.  Can’t blame the guy, honestly.


This hair. I love playoffs.

Kings win again, go up 2-0 over Ducks

So far this series can be summed up with one headline from


Understated elegance

Marian Gaborik scored 34 seconds into last night’s game.  The NBC announcers were barely in their seats before the puck was in the net.  After his last-minute tying goal in Game 1, then the OT winner, Gaborik sure is “fitting in” – so well I bet he got randomly drug tested during first intermission (probably by someone from the Blue Jackets).  He is on fire, and so are the Kings.  This is their sixth straight win.  Jonathan Quick is playing like he did in their Cup run.  Hell, they had Jeff Schultz on D last night and they still won!


Marian Gaborik vs. The World

Down 2-0 in a series is not really “must win.”  If anyone proved that, it was the Kings in R1.  But the Ducks are reeling.  History may be destined to repeat itself but if Anaheim doesn’t win in GM3, I don’t think another legendary 0-3 comeback is happening so soon.

kings ducks

Look out behind you.

Tonight it’s Bruins vs. Habs in the battle for a 2-1 series lead, followed by the Hawks quest to go up 3-0 over the Wild.  Are you surviving?  How is anyone getting any sleep?  Who washed my Toews shirt on hot so it shrank into a size only James Neal would wear?  I think I need a break.  Even Pierre is off tonight – 20 games in 20 nights?  Big deal.  We’ve watched at least 40.

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  1. Angie Reply

    Umm I think the recipe posts should be like a daily thing. My husband is sick of take out and although our team (Red Wings) is out it still seems like every game is a must see! Thanks for the Sid pics, makes my Tuesday that much better!

      • Both of these recipes now live on my Pinterest. Slow cooker things you don’t have to cook before putting in the slow cooker >>>>>>>.

        • Kate Reply

          Between Sid’s hair, Bortsy’s passes, and slow cooker risotto, I’m overwhelmed with happiness.

  2. That pass from Borts was just plain FILTHY!!! And it earned him his first ever HNIC towel! Yay, Borts!!! 🙂

    Said it last night – the Kings are looking like they did during their 2012 run. Can they sustain? Don’t know, but it’ll sure be fun watching….because it’s not the Pens! Ha ha

    • Kate Reply

      Agreed! For me, that pass was more exciting than the goal. I feel like he put all of his heart, soul, hopes, dreams, fear of letting down Sid, etc. into that pass. Big day, Bortsy! (No, I’m not tearing up. It’s just my seasonal allergies.)

  3. “This hair. I love playoffs.” Sorry Pants I didn’t even read the rest of your post, I just skipped to the comments. I can’t EVEN with Crosby’s playoff hair. WOW.

  4. Dorothy Reply

    That swagger! That hair! There is not a more delicious creature on earth than Sidney Crosby… YUMMY!! He’s recipe enough for me. Who cares about food!?

  5. Congratulations, Pants. I’m happy for you, but the 48 hours that consisted of Sunday & Monday was pretty much the worst 48 hours of this entire hockey season for me. The Rangers lost (and scored NO F-ING GOALS ON FLOWER) 2 games in a row, and the Amerks (my hometown AHL team) were eliminated from the playoffs in a game where the reffing was, to but it nicely, an abomination.

    The only thing keeping me from not committing hari kari with a hockey stick is this post that I found on Tumblr (god bless you, Tumblr):