Know When to Hold ‘Em

Someday I’ll go to a hockey team’s Casino Night.  Someday I’ll have $250 to spend on an event that doesn’t involve either Vegas or getting a tan.  Or they could move these to Vegas and I could do all three at once.

The Caps and Islanders hosted casino nights last night.  The events benefit wonderful charities, but “Crush on Mike Green” is not a deductible category on my taxes.  At least not when “Married, Filing Jointly.”  Perhaps in Canada you can claim “Pretending I Can Count While John Tavares Deals Blackjack.”


I hope John’s a slow dealer, because hockey + cocktails is already more math than I can handle.  Read about the event here and see more photos here.  If there’s video later, I’ll post it.


Unrelated to casino night but very related to things we love, here’s the Winnipeg Sun story about John sending a signed jersey to an 11-year old Isles fan who was bullied at a Winnipeg Jets game.  Perfect guy is perfect.


The Caps don’t have a story or photos up yet.  They must’ve partied harder and the web team is sleeping it off.  Their Instagram managed a few photos:


How many drinks before I say, “Mike Green, your hair is too short!”?

But luckily the DC news was up early – Fox 5 TV – Caps Casino Night.

The event featured Ovi’s blue jacket:


Underage gamblers:


And the Brouwer Rangers modifying their suits into Power Tuxes.  Helmets and all.  No offense NYI, but this looks more like our kind of party.


Hoping for a more in-depth analysis of Mike Green’s hair in tonight’s broadcast.


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  1. I’m not properly equipped to handle John Tavares in a tux and being a hero. More coffee, please.

    Side note – Joel Ward in that suit?? Holy smokes sir! Snaps for style!!

  2. Why’d they have to go and remind us that Tom Wilson’s practically a fetus? Does it really count as jail bait if they can legally drink in Canada?

    I’d love if the Caps offered a discounted rate for casino night…y’know, so I could afford bail.