Tyler Tuesday

Today marks what I hope will be a semi-annual feature extolling the virtues and magnificence of one very special person.

Like my esteemed colleague Pants, and her undying love for Mike Green, my love and admiration for Tyler Seguin has become too great and all consuming for it to not have its own dedicated day.

Tyler Tuesday.

from glovehand.tumblr.com

Now I know what you might be thinking “You only like him because he’s hotter than a pepper sprout.” Well that is not entirely untrue, but it’s more than that.  Since he came into the league, there has been something about Tyler Seguin that has intrigued me – this like man-child, superstar-on-the-verge thing…but that’s a conversation for another post.

Time to get down to the real reason for today’s feature –

from prustytute.tumblr.com

Milk.  It does a body good.

Few First off – What is with the pants? Are they yoga pants?  Don’t care. He can downward dog with us any day.

The feet – in the words that accompanied this photo, Seguin talks about his giant feet and his ability to pinch & grip things with his toes.

It’s like some mutant superpower. Where are Professor X and the X-Men?  Time to ship him off to the School for Gifted Youngster where he can hang out with Beast and crush weights with Colossus.

Or perhaps he might want to take up artistic endeavors with his freakishly dexterous feet.  Painting perhaps.  If you’ve seen My Left Foot, you’ll understand.

The tattoos/arms  – my favorite part of the male form has always been the hands/arms/shoulders and his are pretty spectacular.  Then you add the tattoos – and well I’m happier than a camel on Wednesday.

The face – no words needed here. Perfect.

Then we have this photo.

Who is this girl on the left and how can I get her job?  Pretty sure that “hockey player body misting person” was not at any job fair I’ve ever been to.

As educated, intelligent women, we are keenly aware that objectifying someone because of their body is bad.  People are more than what they look like. It’s about their personalities. Their values. Their goodness.

Ah, whatever.

In the immortal words of pop princess Willa Ford (AKA Mike Modano’s ex-wife)…

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  1. I can’t even express how much this Dallas girl needed a happy hockey post today. This absolutely did the job! xo

    • Glad to know that we could brighten your day. We’re all praying for Pevs!

  2. I’m not a big Tyler fan, but I’ve admire his abs. Damm. And watching Willa Ford’s video was awesome! I was laughing so hard and totally embarrassed at the same time. Bahahahahah! Loved it.

      • Pants Reply

        I don’t know if I’d got THAT far, but I must admit Tyler’s a lot more likable now that he’s not a Bruin (both for his attitude and his sweater). Plus Beyonce would approve of any upgrade that takes him from Marchand to Benn.

      • It’s impossible to resist that smile, and this is coming from a loyal Blackhawks fan who obviously has plenty of eye-candy to keep me busy on my hometown team.

        • Tyler gives Toews a run for his money in the competition for my love.

  3. BullGirl Reply

    How many minutes of my life will I never get back after wasting it on that vid??? #OyVey

  4. Sorry, Pants, but Tyler Tuesday > Mikey Monday. It’s not as good as Foxy Friday, but I can’t overstate how thrilled I am about this new feature at WUYS.

    And “Pretty sure that “hockey player body misting person” was not at any job fair I’ve ever been to” sent me into a wild fit of giggles.

  5. Kate Reply

    I’m not a Seguinista but I’m resigned to the fact that someday, probably sooner than later, I will be. (The same thing happened with Patrick Kane.) If Segs and Jamie Benn keep being adorable and awesome together, the transition will be swift.

    • cochrancarol Reply

      So true. Benn’s stock has risen considerably with the arrival of Seguin.

  6. Seguinista. Fo’ life.

    • I’m going to design a major for “Hockey Player Body Misting”. Apparently you can do that. Two and a half semesters from graduating, it’s not too late, right?

      • Recommended courses: Human anatomy, Viscosity of Body Oils, Lighting for Models.

        • I would do well in anatomy and viscosity of body oils, but lighting for models sounds like it might have too much math.

          • Anatomy has too many extra things to learn. Maybe Art History. He is a masterpiece after all 😉

  7. Might I add that he was a hero yesterday? When Peverly went down next to him, he started throwing things on the ice and then jumped on the ice to get the refs attention for too many men.
    Maybe he wouldn’t be so bad to take home to mom and dad… 😉

  8. The fourth period accidently sent me 2 copies of their Seguin issue. If there was ever a moment I were to believe that there is a higher power at work, it was then. and i couldn’t agree with you more about arms and tattoos. man I love me some Seguin.

  9. Nice touch with the Willa Ford… ex-Dallas WAG.

  10. jana Reply

    Let me just state the obvious for myself: EVERYDAY is Tyler Day for me! 🙂

    Seeing him play in person a week ago, good Lord, it was embarrassing how I couldn’t stop staring at him.

    And if I can’t have the “body-spritzer-person” job, then I want the “let me help you wash this off” job. Where do I send in my application?

  11. Cassy Reply

    I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: Seguinista tshirts: now with the WUYS web address underneath. Been saying it for two years. Get on it!

    And I’m requesting this week’s foxy Friday goes out to:
    Rich Peverley (for wanting to get back on the ice as soon as he regained consciousness… AFTER being defibrillated!)
    The team: for collectively leaping onto the ice to get out of the way of the medics,props to Chuck’s man Seguin.
    The medical support staff of the Stars and Blue Jackets – for responding as quickly as they did. If ever a timely reminder for early defibrillation saving lives was needed…
    And every single member of off duty healthcare personnel in the stands who raced to assist.

    All rock stars. All foxy.