Foxy Friday: Roman Josi

Happy New Year!  Happy Foxy Friday!

It’s our First Foxy Friday of the Year and we’re starting it off right.

It all actually started in 2013 when there I was,  just minding my own business, drinking a glass of delicious scotch, talking on the twitter, when WUYS reader @sarahconnors drops this Foxy Friday bomb on me.

“WHO THE HELL IS THIS?”, I exclaimed. “IS HE REAL LIFE? I don’t believe you.”

Yes it is, friends.  And his name is Roman Josi.

The Swiss are known for a few things – Chocolate. Emmental cheese. Political Neutrality.

Devastatingly handsome hockey players is not one of them.

Until now.

God Bless Switzerland.

The 23-year-old Swiss went pro in 2006 with his hometown team, Schlittschuh Club Bern.  In 2008, the 6’1″ defensemen was selected by the Predators in the 2nd round (38th overall) in the NHL Entry Draft.  

While he is fairly new to the NHL season (only having made his debut in 2011), Josi has represented Switzerland in number of international competitions, including the 2010 Olympics and the 2013 Hockey World Championships, where he was named MVP.

This season, Roman has 12 points.  He is also -14, but when you look this good, does it really matter?  With this visage, I really don’t want him taking any unnecessary pucks to the face.

Besides the glaringly obvious, what else makes Roman Josi worthy of this Foxy Friday honor?

He likes long walks on the beach, followed by meditation while staring off in the middle distance.

His best friend can beat up your best friend.

Couple of years in Nashville and already he’s turning into a cowboy.

Euro Cowboy

His cornhole game is as tight as his pants.

Josi, Roman - cornhole

Are those cornhold bags in your pockets, or are you just happy to see me?

 He wears a deep v like it meant to be.

Josi, Roman - deep v shirt

No man like this should ever be alone in a photo booth. EVER.  I volunteer!

Josi, Roman - photo booth

I bet this is what he looks like on Sunday mornings, after he’s made you breakfast in bed. A bowl of muesli with some yogurt, fresh fruit, and French-press coffee, natch.)

Josi, Roman - thumbs up

Roman Josi is undeniably and unapologetically foxy.  And unapologetically Swiss.   

Moooooo hmmmmm

Moooooo hmmmmm

On this Let’s just take a pause for a moment to appreciate the masculine beauty of this man.

No, he is not a figment of your imagination or some sexy hallucination.

This is a real life, flesh and blood human being.

Roman Josi, people.

Straight Up Life Ruiner.

 You can follow Roman on the twitter at @rjosi90


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  1. Sweet Mary Mother of Buddha. Y’all have very quickly become my favorite blog. Ever. How did it take me so long to find you??!!

    • Not sure why, but we’re glad you are here. Thanks for reading!

  2. TWO SNAPS UP. I was aware of this man and his foxiness, but kept forgetting because I was probably just convinced he was a hallucination. Or maybe because Nashville.

    • It is because Nashville. But now we know he is there and we’re never gonna let him go.

      • Nashville was already on my vacation list… road trip??

        • Seeing as he is one of the hottest hotties that ever hottied, the answer to your question is “Yes.”

          “Totes” is also an acceptable response.

  3. Linda Reply

    Wow!! Speechless!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for bringing such joy into my life!

    How have I not known about Roman until now?! He is so hot. I’m not dreaming this am I?!

    • Don’t fret. We didn’t know about him until now either. That’s is what happens when you play on a Western Conference team that isn’t the Blackhawks.

  5. Pants Reply

    Blond or brunette?! Left or right?! Questions that don’t matter because the answer is just YES.

  6. Jen Reply

    As a Nashville fan, I can confirm that he smells as good as he looks. With that and his voice, he’s a trifecta of deliciousness! Good choice!

    • Describe his scent. Fresh out of the shower? Musky? Sandalwood?

      • Very fresh and clean! (The exact opposite of hockey gear.) It wasn’t overly cologne-y. Victor Bartley was there also, so it might have been a combination of the two. Further description and a picture are here ( for your research purposes.

        • In the immortal words of OutKast – “Ain’t nobody dope as me. I’m just so fresh, so clean.”

  7. Sara Reply

    And just so you know ladies, he’s super sweet and smells fantastic. Those of us lucky enough to live in Nashville can confirm that fact for you. 🙂

  8. Best start to a year ever. There’s no way to be neutral about his foxiness. That last black and white photo harkens back to the old time glamour of Cary Grant. Good lord.

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  10. Krisse Reply

    That picture of him with the cowboy hat…wow. Makes me want to post a comment about how I’d like his D deep in my zone.
    But I won’t do it, because he was a perfect gentleman when I ran into him at a bar, despite my awkward fangirlishness. He deserves better.

    I would, however, like to request a “Sexy Saturday” article and photocollection of Viktor Stalberg…please and thank you 🙂

  11. lisa Reply

    After thorough examination, I can say that Roman also has the best butt on the team as well!

  12. MouthGuard Reply

    Okay obviously both of you made a solemn New Year’s resolution to Start Paying Attention To The Western Conference [And Chicago/LA Don’t Count Here Okay? I’m Not Talking ‘NBCSN Western Conference Teams’ – Talking ALL WC Teams!]. For All The Right Reasons.

    You’re Johnny Come Latelies, but this is better late than never. It’s a great start. Well done. Part Deux: Seth Jones. Yes, he’s a child but all the Amber-alert worthy pieces you two have done on barely-legal Oilers, Pens, ‘Canes, et al. C’mon. It’s time! Gotta give some sugar to your tweener audience out West, too. 😉 xxx MG

  13. HA! i loved reading this! and I freakin’ love RoJo! a good friend of mine just recently got me into Preds hockey (as I live in Chattanooga) and this beautiful man right here is what has made my new love for hockey stick! as an avid college football fan (go dawgs!), I’m so happy to have a little something for at least part of the off season 😉 here’s to learning (and loving) more about the NHL world! 🙂

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