Best of 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Before we bust out our glittery heels and fake eyelashes for tonight, allow us a moment to celebrate the year that was in 2013.

We spent a staggering about of energy, effort and time (usually at work) on WUYS this year but it’s really nothing without you guys.  Chuck and I started this blog to make each other laugh because we were doing it over gchat all day anyway.  We had no idea there were so many people like us out there.


By popular demand, and with our thanks…


10) Awkward Family Photos (January 17) – Was there a single moment this year more glorious than when the lockout ended?  I woke up early for a trip, checked my phone and screamed.  Everything we loved was returning and it would look so… special.  From best (Stamkos) to worst (Mike Green) to this guy, the 2013 roster photos brought hockey back with a bang.


9) Foxy Friday: Erik Gudbranson (February 15) – Possibly helped by being chosen Top Foxy Friday of 2013 last week, this picspam post made the year’s Top 10 overall.  Just like Erik Gudbranson is a 10.  Maybe an 11.  What’s that in Celsius?


8) Foxy Friday: Rump Shaker (January 4) – From the dark days of the lockout, a Foxy Friday that is basically about hockey player’s fantastic backsides.  You guys are gross.  Wait, who wrote this?


7) That’s a Little Close (October 3) – Cabbie asks the real questions, like how to make Sidney Crosby as uncomfortable as possible.  “Crosby Selfie” immediately went to the top of my bucket list.  Bonus close-up inspection of James Neal’s new sleeve tattoo, which is #2 on that bucket list.


6) Team Canada – Casting Call (August 26) – The only way to keep track of all the hopefuls at Team Canada Olympic Camp was to categorize them a la ‘The Bachelorette.’  Then stock up on roses and set every date near a hot tub.


5) Loosen Up My Buttons (March 13) – Jonathan Toews, Part Time Model, in a locker room with his shirt half-open.  This was perhaps the day Captain Serious became Captain Lookout, I Am Fun Now.


4) Birthday Boy: Tyler Seguin (January 31) – Tattoos, puppies and the day everyone’s underage boyfriend turned 21.  Imagine the party and lock up your daughters.


3) Foxy Friday: Adam McQuaid (February 22) – Whatreally?  Really.  Proof that hockey hair and a spectacular resistance running .gif transcend all.


2) Cosmo Ain’t Got Nothin’… (January 10) – Twice last year Cosmopolitan insisted on making their own lists of best looking hockey players, then suggested people like Ryan Suter over Zach Parise and Phil Kessel over Joffrey Lupul.  We – and many of you – suggested they leave the hard work to the experts.


1) Look at You (April 8) – Eeeeking out the top spot on this list (and in my heart!) is the day we madly posted this first photo of Sidney Crosby post-jaw break.  I got a lovely note from the girl in the photo (Candace) about how Sid is a great person.  Yes, the #1 post of the year proved yet again that I am always right.


So here’s to a new year of Best-Ofs, and the true best part of this blog: you.


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  1. This makes me want to give everyone a big hockey hug.

  2. Adam McQuaid! #3! YAY! Just look at him. *sigh* A beauty in every way.