All I Want for Christmas…

I need an ugly Christmas sweater for a party Saturday night.  Anyone have one I can borrow?


Video: Happy Holidays from Your Washington Capitals 

This year, remember that Christmas isn’t just about onesie pajamas and Joel Ward cracking up from the very first frame.  There is a deeper meaning.  Like when Ovi says, “Hey guys, I need some backup here!” – he is not just talking about musical accompaniment.


Not you, Nicky.  Capitals Hockey Santa has you on his NICE list.


Remember when the Caps were about the Young Guns “Rocking the Red?”


Even if the trade-off is guyliner for tattoos, I must say the boys have grown old(er) quite nicely.


Canuckles is right, I am remiss in not sharing the link to the Canucks ugly Christmas sweater photo.  It’s glorious and features a level of commitment to cardigans heretofore unseen in life.

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  1. Alexandra B. Reply

    Hearing Ovie sing makes me wanna rip out my ear drums, and gauge my eyes out from looking at him lol.

  2. I will find Brook’s sweater for next year’s epic Ugly Sweater Party. This year, I already have a tacky Wal-Mart special hanging in the closet.

    I love this team. Troy may be my new favorite human. Had to watch a second time to appreciate the way he got into the spirit because I was too busy laughing over “needs more cowbell” Greenie.