All I Want for Christmas…

I need an ugly Christmas sweater for a party Saturday night.  Anyone have one I can borrow? Video: Happy Holidays from Your Washington Capitals  This year, remember that Christmas isn’t just about onesie pajamas and Joel Ward cracking up from the very first frame.  There is a deeper meaning.  Like when Ovi says, “Hey guys, […]

Pants’ TV Debut

We’ve been razzing a lot of “part-time models” around here lately.  Maybe I could be a Part Time Reporter? For my real job, I do entertainment PR and was lucky enough to work with Joel Ward and the Caps on a special screening of the new movie 42.  Joel wears number 42 in honor of […]


I wish you guys could have seen me last night.  In a bar with twelve tables, eleven were filled with Bruins fans.  My dad and I, in my Backstrom shirt, were at the other.  The waiter didn’t bother to ask, he just kept the beers coming. When Joel Ward scored, I jumped out of my […]