Cute Emergency

What is life with all these PUPPIES?!  Bless the Blackhawks, every one.

2014 Calendar Shoot Teaser – Chicago Loves Pits

Warning: Video guaranteed to ruin your productivity and any current search for a real-life boyfriend.  100% increase in likelihood of pet adoption.


They really know how to dole it out in increments, these guys.





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  1. I’m transferring to our Chicago office. Right now. Dear lord.

  2. carter Reply

    This is disgusting(ly amazing.) Is that Toews making a duck face? I give up.

    • Pants Reply

      I think he’s giving kisses, Carter. He is personality times infinity this year.

      • It’s like he won two Cups and BAM – fun-ness EVERYWHERE. What am I going to do with five thousand 2014 calendar, guys? #bestproblemever

    • I thought of you C when Ben Smith was getting mauled by puppy kisses but I was in no fit state to check on you. Obviously. For reasons.

  3. Amy Reply

    Not being a Hawks fan, I have to ask who is the guy in the third picture? Thank you for the video, it makes my morning. Now I want to snuggle with Bollig and some puppies.

    • Ben Smith, I believe!

    • jana Reply

      Amy, that’s Ben Smith. 🙂

      • Amy Reply

        Thank you to you both! He’s nice. 😀

        • jana Reply

          He is! And his biceps were looking *especially* good in that video!

          • *Especially* because his biceps always look good, Benny is jacked!

  4. jana Reply

    The dog licking Ben Smith’s face during the video … I have no words. Oh wait. Two come to mind: Life. Ruining.

  5. This is RUDE. They need to (never) stop because I don’t even want to live on this earth right now.

    “Warning: Video guaranteed to ruin your productivity and any current search for a real-life boyfriend. 100% increase in likelihood of pet adoption.”

    I know you’re joking but all of that is so acutely, painfully true. And speaking of pet adoption, did you see this post with more dogs from the CACC?

    There are no Blackhawks but I still want all of them.

  6. Vanessa Reply

    I don’t even understand what just happened to my body, it was that good. Also, I might have almost yelled in my cubicle, “Holy $%#&balls, there’s more?”
    That is not the kind of behavior that gets one promoted at work. *sigh*

    • Pants Reply

      It would be if you worked for us!

      • Sarah Reply

        Is that possible? Can we start a Chicago office? Or a West Coast division (I’m moving from Chicago to Phoenix in January)? I’ll work for MexiColas and Blackhawks posts.

  7. Cassy Reply

    They all adopted their dogs, didn’t they? I mean, I’m not currently fond of the Hawks (we’ll get the cup again, then I’ll be over it), but HOT DAMN.

  8. We want one. Now.

    And the puppies are cute too.