Pucks and Pups: The Bruins Edition

Hockey players.  Puppies.

Two of the things we love most in the world.

Put them together and let the seal-clapping and squeeeeeing commence.

The Boston Bruins released their own 2014 calendar – just in time for the holiday season, natch – and here are some of the highlights

boychuk feb 001

I have no idea what is going on with Johnny’s shirt but honestly I really don’t care.  Because his face. And the fluffy puppy face. That dog looks as happy as I would be to have Johnny’s arm wrapped around me.

brad june 001

Things I love about this photo: Brad Marchand’s Sweater.  The dog’s name.  Great name for a dog.  If I ever get a dog, I am doing to name him Han Solo.  Or Lando Calrissian.  Either one would work.

iggy august 001

Continuing with the Star Wars theme, next we have Iggy with his dog, Onja aka Yoda.  Yoda is killing it with those ears.  She might be carrying a little extra weight around the middle but let’s face it – it is friggin’ cold in Calgary.

kelly oct 001

How cute of a pair to Kelly and Mama Celeste make?  It doesn’t even matter that she is named after a microwaveable pizza! She’s adorable.  And Kelly holding on to her so gently is just precious.  Because you know at any minute she is going to jump out his arms and go skidding across the ice on those wee tiny paws of hers.

lucic may 001

I want to take Roscoe home with me right now and rename him Han Solo and love him and squeeze him and pet him.  Oh and his picture also features Milan Lucic.  Who apparently went to the James Neal School of Awkward Dog Holding.

paille sept 001

So much going on with this photo.  Despite the horribly unphotogenic background, I kind love this picture. You know how they say that dogs and their owners start to resemble each other?  Ladies and Gentleman – there is your proof right there.

seids april 001

Wiggles? Bubbles Lollipop? I can’t. Seriously, Wiggles.  He (she?) is werking it.  Smizing.  Fierce. Because I can’t for the life of me imagine Dennis “Der Hammer” Seidenberg actually naming his dogs this, so I’m going to assume that his children named them.  Or perhaps there is a softer, gentler side of Seids we don’t yet know about.

soup nov 001

That sound you hear is my roommate @sailingfoodie collapsing on the floor and dying.  She is OBSESSED with bulldogs and spends hours creating a plan on how she would get her hypothetical dog up to our 3rd floor apartment.  (We were going to rig a rope & pulley system from our living room window and pull the dog up in a bucket, in case you were wondering.)

While Zorro’s cuteness is undeniable, the real winner in this photo is Gregory Campbell.  He’s one of the foxier Bruins and after that whole playing-on-a-broken-leg thing, he’s an out-right legend.

thorts dec 001

Of course they take the photo in front of the Bunker Hill Monument.  Because if there was anyone who would be from Charlestown, it would be Shawn Thornton.  You’ve seen The Town, right?  You can’t tell me that he wouldn’t have fit in perfectly as a bank-robbing extra.  Clearly, the greyhound must be his wife’s and the other is his.  Because there is no way that a guy like that has a little dog.

tuukka march 001

WEE LITTLE PUPPY!  TUUUUUUKKKKKKAAAA!  If he’d have put that hot dog dog actually in his goalie mitt, there would have been a nuclear cute-splosion and I would be writing this post from some desolate radioactive wasteland. Also, did you see the dog’s name?  Wishful thinking, little buddy, but I applaud your ambition.

zee january 001

Lola is adorable but there is just not enough juxtaposition in this photo.  Chara needs a smaller dog – like a Pomeranian.  Or a Maltese.  Can you imagine?  Just look at Chara.  He can’t even fit in the seats.  Sort of like me at a Red Sox game. #tallpeopleproblems

Not to be out done, even the Bruins management and coaching staff got in on the fun.

charliejacobs 001

mgmt july 001

Bosco looks like a dog that Neely would have.  Big. Strong. Devastatingly handsome.

Peter Chiarelli and his pugs!  Butterballers!

Sadly no Patrice Bergeron, but I’m sort of glad for that.  Because if there was a photo of Patrice, wearing a sweater, holding a puppy…I’m not sure that I could have handled it.


Bruins’ 2014 Calendar is $20 + S&H and can be ordered here.

Big, huge, mega thank you to @lilfish77 for scanning these! 


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  1. Janelle Reply

    Thank you for the reminder to buy this. Free shipping today!

  2. Tuukka takes the award for best puppy snuggle skills!

    • Chris Kelly is also doing an excellent job with Mama Celeste.

  3. Pants Reply

    Bubbles Lollipop! When you can’t decide between getting a puppy or a stripper. Bonus points for how precious that little Frenchie is!!

    • Bubbles Lollipop is a total diva.

  4. 100% agree with you about Bergy…the ovaries of the female populace could not handle that. He is the only man I’d consider putting on the spoked B for. *dreamy sigh*

  5. Sasha P Reply

    Was there a calendar like this last year or something? Because if there is a calendar photo with Seguin and Marshall…. Oh dear me…

    • I don’t remember there being one last year, but I could be mistaken.

  6. Cassy Reply

    Got one on the trip. You’re right about Bergeron: the internet and the global female population’s ovaries would have exploded…..

    • Because you know they would have put him with the most impossibly adorable rescue puppy. Just to tug at our heart strings.

  7. Lisa Reply

    I remember seeing gifs of this online before and it was unbearably cute. They also had Tuukka with the puppy Kelly’s with. And you’re spot on about Kelly holding the puppy because it did in fact try to make a run for it. I’m pretty sure this level of cute is not good for my heart.

  8. Miabi Reply

    That photo of Soupy Campbell is soooo bad. He looks like he’s trying to sell me a day-old pizza. But Seids and Iggy, hello!