Foxy Friday: Teemu Selanne

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

How is it that in the almost two years that we’ve been doing this feature, that we haven’t yet honored one of the foxiest hockey players of all time?

Shame on us!

Well, we redeem ourselves today by honoring the one…the only…the future NHL Hall of Famer….the Finnish Flash himself….


When you’ve been playing in the league for almost 20 years, there is no shortage of foxy.  So here they are…

Current career NHL stats: 1,341 games played.  663 goals.  743 assists.  1,406 points.  +97 rating. 620 penalty minutes.  248 power play goals.  106 game-winning goals. 4,333 shots.

In short – he’s really, really, really good at hockey.

He set the rookie records in goals (76 ) and points (132!) in his first season with the Winnipeg Jets in ’92-’93 and won the Calder Trophy.

In five years with the Ducks, he had two 100-point seasons and was nominated for the Lady Byng.

He is the leading all time points leader in men’s Olympic ice hockey and has 3 medals (two bronze, one silver).

He is an avid car collector and has entered rally events in Finland under the alias “Teukka Salama” which translates into “Ted Flash”.

His kids’ names are Eemil, Eetu, Leevi, and Veera.  They sure do love their double Es in Finland.  He taught kindergarten for three years before coming to the NHL which makes him insanely more loveable.  As does this video.

This week, not only did he celebrate his 42nd birthday, (Seriously.  What is in the water in Finland?  The man doesn’t look a day over 35.) but he also announced that he would be returning to the NHL and the Ducks after signing a one-year deal.

We’re not sure how things will fare in Anaheim this year considering their start last year and the trade rumors surrounding Bobby Ryan, but whatever the outcome, we’re glad to know that #8 is going to be part of it.

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  1. A Guide To Determining if Someone is Finnish:

    Does their name sound like a bird noise?

    Yes = Finnish No = Not Finnish

    (No offence to any Finns out there. I love me some Scandanavians of all varieties!)

    Also – RYAN GETZLAF! How could I have omitted him from my #FoxyFridayNomination?! Please add to the list for further consideration.

    • Jen Reply

      Getzy used to be foxy before he lost all of his hair! So happy to see Teemu on here! Soooo sexy.

    • MouthGuard Reply

      I could see Getz being the star of a “Douchey Dimanche” feature, for sure. Or “Chromedome Wednesday” maybe. With Regis McGuire.

    • HUSH! His premature hair loss is super upsetting, but THAT BONE STRUCTURE. And he’s so tall…. And his face is so good… Le sigh.

      • Chuck Reply

        Getz should just do the Mark Messier and shave his head. We would be much more accepting of this than what he has going on right now.

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    Better later than never with the Teemster. That’s what I say, anyway. 😉 I think he’s getting even tastier as he gets older. Just like wine. SO glad he’ll be the class of the NHL for yet another year.

    • Chuck Reply

      I’d drink me up some Teemu Vino.

      I think men get more attractive as they get older. Especially hockey players. Can’t say that for the guys that I went to HS with though…