Pancakes Makes French Toast – Carter Tricks for Hats

The Kings devastated the Coyotes last night in more ways than one. The Coyotes bit back and not in a nice way. I was going to take the high road in this post and talk about how adorable Antoine Vermette was in his pre-game interview but then the Coyotes took a page from the Penguin’s book of Poor Sports and all this happened:

Shane Doan takes Trevor Lewis’ face for a wipe board. OK-  he did turn but a delayed penalty had already been called for slashing on BROWN so all Doan needed to do was reach for the puck – not take Lewis’ face for a ride. He got thrown out which was appropriate – IN MY OPINION.

Mike Smith slashes Dustin Brown in the back of the knees. They get MATCHING penalties because the ref thinks Brown is embellishing – HELLO! Anyone who gets the craps smacked out of the back of their knees with a goalie stick by a 6’3” MONSTER isn’t embellishing ANYTHING.

As one commentator said, “If that was acting, it’s some of the best to come out of Hollywood in years!”

Then Hanzal decides ride Brown into the boards like a whore on Saturday night. Fellas, I get it, you’re frustrated. You got your asses handed to you by an 8th seed team for a second night. But this is UNACCEPTABLE.

Then – my favorite of the night – Dustin “Pancakes” Penner decides enough is enough and when a scrum breaks out to quell it, he just sits on Antoine Vermette. Awesomesauce. Nothing says shut your face like a 6’ 4” manbeast sitting on your lame ass.

Oh did I mention that Jeff Carter, man of the hour, got a natural hat trick? The first one for the Kings in the play-offs since  – oh – Wayne Gretzky in 1993? Yeah … that happen too last night!


OH WHAT A NIGHT! Feel good about that one guys. Mad respect for your play. But I knew that – 😉

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  1. MouthGuard Reply

    “Nothing says shut your face like a 6’ 4” manbeast sitting on your lame ass.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 PANCAKE BUTT!!!

    “He always looks like he just ate something that tasted bad…” Mike Milbury on Coach Sutter. For once, I actually agree with Milbury. Maybe it was his blindingly fuschia tie that oddly complemented his skin tone…

    Very happy for Carts. That hattie was a long time coming. Yay for the three-way!

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      That made me laugh which inspired the Sutter picture. Last night’s game was OOC! OUT OF CONTROL! I feared for Dustin Brown’s career. They were out for him but he is a TIMEX! Took a licking and kept on ticking! But I honestly thought the Coyotes had more class. that slash from Smith was NOT cool – AT ALL. He is a bowl full of crazy and I love goalies but not that.

      • MouthGuard Reply

        I think Smith is starting to snap from the pressure of having to carry the entire blueline and then some. It’s cumulative – it’s been building since the Chicago series. All they do in front of him is block shots (a lot). That’s something, but as every goalie knows it just ain’t enough 100% of the time. Quickie’s got all sorts of help when he needs it, but Smith has got nada back there.

        Right now, I’m wishing the Preds had won just so that the Kings would have more of a contest here. The Preds/Kings had some sick games this season. But then again, I think everybody is glad NOT to be facing the mach-playoff version of the Kings!

        Dustin Brown will keep ticking and getting his butt kicked until they win the Cup. He has spent a lifetime of getting ridiculed, laughed at and generally not taken seriously so this is NOTHING for him!!! 🙂 Cute hockey players with harelips always finish first, so there!!!

  2. I loved when the announcer asked how that hit by Smith was embellishment and what the refs were smoking… LOVE this series (the outcomes, I mean), not so thrilled with the Coyotes…however, just goes to show how that Dustin Brown is NOT human! Love him!