Kings Kickin' Butt

Dawn – you are so funny. Calling me to wish me good luck tonight!

So the LA King’s have lost only one play-off game so far … No, that is not a typo. ONE.

This is what you want from your captain – A COMPLETE BEAST!

Coach Dave Tippett of the Coyotes, seems to be the only other person on the planet besides me, the only LA KINGS fans (OK – I know there are like – four of us) who know how AWESOME they are and should FEAR their AWESOMENESS.

The press conference after game one went pretty much like this:

Kopitar NEVER gives up on a puck – NEVER

Press person: Coach, how do you think Kopitar was able to blah blah…

Tippett: I didn’t give a F**K about Kopitar. I have to worry about my players and how they perform.

Press person: So when Brown did blah blah blah …

Tippett: I don’t give a F**K about Brown. I have to worry about my players and how they perform.

Press Person: So when they scored again in the second period …

Tippett: Maybe you didn’t hear me the second time, I have to don’t give a F**K about the LA KINGS right now, I have to worry about my players and the fact that they didn’t perform tonight. Any more questions? Alright. Thanks.



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  1. MouthGuard Reply

    Helloooo – ??? FIVE. There are five of us Kings fans, m’kay? 😉 That’s a lot. Enough, shall we say. It means that there will be more Kings for us five. Let’s put it that way. Even 90% of the Staples could care less about this team because they’re either more into whether or not they’re on the jumbotron or they think they’re at a Sacramento Kings game. But whatever! It’s all good.

    I love how Coach Chicken Lady is just cruisin’ along with his peanuts, and how oddly compelling and attractive these guys have become over the past 6 weeks. It’s just bizarro. The Seinfeld WCF.

  2. Do bandwagon Kings fans count?? ‘Cuz then you need to include Jess and I. Good lord this team is awesome – taking down the Canucks and then finishing David Backes (ok, the Blues) in a sweep? Be still, my beating heart.

    Talent aside, the pretty. The PRETTY. Richards and Carter and Stoll, oh my! They just said on TV: “Jeff Carter is such a big man to handle.” I’m sorry Chuck, but that will never not be perverted.

    Go Kings go!

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      This team has plenty o’ big men for you to ‘handle’ Lindsay … handle away. I always share!

    • I saw that Backes reference you tried to burn me with, all sneaking it into the comments of a Kings post.

      But yes… GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!

  3. Lorelei6903 Reply

    The Penguins and I have decided to “take a break” and see other people, so I’ve started seeing the Kings! They are my new team and I can tell you I’m quite smitten. Since my (ex) team isn’t playing hockey anymore WHEN THEY SHOULD BE and have no excuse, I had to find a new love and I certainly have. I want to go all the way…to see the Kings lift the cup!!! So until my boyfriends return, I’m a Kings’ girl:))

  4. Dawncherrie Reply

    We take any and all … I step out all the time – thus my Letang love. You can have as many hockey honeys as you need! 😉 Come to the dark side – We have hotties galore! And hatricks now!