Foxy Friday: Mike Richards

… the WHAT?  First Patrick Kane, now Mike Richards?

In case you missed it, the Rapture has been rescheduled for today.  It was more convenient for everyone.  So we figured we might as well start confessing our deepest secrets, like Mike Richards is pretty foxy.  Just not (never never ever) as a Flyer.

LA vs. Philly comes down to two words: Shiny Shirts.

Richards was traded to Los Angeles in June, surprising everyone.  He was the Flyers captain, with 9 years left on his contract (he’s 26) and a marquee name in a sports-mad city.  If you believe the talk, he and bromance-buddy Jeff Carter debauched their way right out of the Philly.  Richie says he’s looking ” forward to having a lower profile” in SoCal [link].  Chuck and I can promise (after 10 collective years in LA) that 99% of that population doesn’t know hockey from bobsledding.  So good plan.

Pack the arms. Leave the shirt.

Richie has a sick house in his Ontario hometown, where he hangs out with Cabbie a lot.  Really, Carts should worry.  Austin Powers designed this place – they must have disabled the bell that plays “boychickawowwow” whenever someone comes in the door.  Don’t give up until at least the second hot tub.

He also on Twitter at @Mrichie18, where he will win you over with his decent grammar as he trash talks other former Flyers.

Still struggling to get over the whole Flyers thing?  Not convinced quite yet?  Fine, here.

Don’t know who these other people are, don’t care.

This Foxy Friday has been brought to you by the letter F and is dedicated to our new friends (who love Richie and the Kings):

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  1. Hai.

    Looking for someone to hug with those arms? Give me call.

  2. Field trip to Mike’s house this summer!

  3. MelTing Reply

    My favourite thing about Richard’s Twitter account is that both he and Dustin Brown are following Fake Terry Murray, which shows the Kings coach to be an ultra-defensive, fun-sucker. Who knew?

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  6. meebs Reply

    Do you guys happen to know where those shirtless tennis racket pictures are from?

  7. mtl Reply

    Richie is great! May I ask which video are the caps (with the tennis racket) from? Would love to watch it even if it is short!