Off-Season Projects

#2: New yearbook photos

NHL Class of 2011: Paul Bissonnette

Most Likely to Get You Grounded by Your Dad (for Good Reason)

Biz photoshoot from @_MichaelFranco_, who Tweeted a few photos early.


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  1. He totally reminds me of a jerk I knew in high school but now… it’s like that jerk moved away and went to college and came back with a whole new outlook on life and a sensitive side… while wearing a tux and getting sweaty and bloody.


  2. Cassy Reply

    OMFG – most likely to make me collapse into a pile of mush on the floor?! On the Sauce Hockey website, under “Side Notes” (see Living the Dream), it reads:

    “Has a culinary show on the Food Network where he shares his recipe for “Panty Soup”, won a Nobel Peace Prize for inventing “Twooping” – using Twitter while pooping & his religious belief is “Savagery””.


    And if you haven’t seen this yet, it’s worth it for shirtless… well I’ll leave you to drool…

  3. He’s TOTES the bad guy from high school. The one your father warned you about….but you can’t resist. For realz – Twooping? And he’s STILL sexy? Unreal.

    Side note, side note – here’s another pic from his photo shoot!!! Look at me, I’m like a 16-year-old girl. Pathetic.

    • Where oh where are his manties?

  4. Sweet, sweet heavens.

    I am having trouble looking at those pictures. Scratch that. I am having trouble BREATHING while looking at those pictures.

    He will forever be the winner of the panty soup cook-off.

    …I’m fighting the urge to make a completely inappropriate comment.